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  1. For uninteresting reasons, I use two local user accounts on my Mac that I am the exclusive user of (if it helps, one is for work, the other personal). Whenever I'm on the "work" user account, the "personal" account remains logged in, so I can fast user switch to it. What I want to be able to do is: Have the same dropbox account on both Use selective sync (so my entire dropbox folder isn't synced twice to both accounts) On both local user accounts, sync Alfred preferences/workflows Is there a chance this could go horrifically wrong, since both local user accounts are often running at the same time? My assumption so far: since I'm only using one user account at a time, my Alfred Preferences can't realistically be changed in both places at once, avoiding a potential sync conflict on the Dropbox end. Since the Alfred preference file/folder is (relatively) small—in practice, my guess is even if I've changed an Alfred preference and tried to log in/switch to the other account as fast as possible, by the time I get to the other account, the change will have—in all likelihood—already synced. The only other potential failure point I can think of is if my computer was a laptop (it isn't now, but I'm considering one), I didn't have an internet connection, and I changed my Alfred preferences in both user accounts before Dropbox had a chance to sync either. In practice, I can't see a feasible scenario where I would change Alfred preferences on one or the other account in such short succession w/o an internet connection for Dropbox...but I'm erring on the side of caution by trying to think through the possibilities. Is there anything I'm missing other than the above that could potentially lead to sync problems? Has anyone else successfully kept their Dropbox Alfred Preferences synced on the same machine between two user accounts? I tried to search the forum before posting, but couldn't find anything. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello! I am aware of this page: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/advanced/sync/ What I have done: Set my sync folder to "~/Documents/Alfred/". I do have iCloud Drive enabled but Desktop & Documents folder is disabled (so it's technically not syncing to anything, I just moved the folder location; should I have done this?) Force quit all Alfred processes and reopened (done after the issues came up) Issues that have occurred: Alfred Hotkey does not work. It was on "⌘Space" before changing the folder. After setting it to the folder (and restarting), the Hotkey was still set, but didn't work. I changed it to something else, and back again, and "⌘Space" does not work. Spotlight is not using this keyboard shortcut either so there are no conflicts. Snippets Auto-Expansion is still checked but does not do anything. Unchecking and re-checking does not change anything. Themes are not recognised when using Alfred (i.e. if I Spotlight for Alfred, then the window opens up, my theme is not applied, despite a theme being selected within Alfred Preferences) How we looks (Appearance → Options) does reflect any of the checkboxes. I don't really use any of the other stuff mentioned soon the page I linked above, so I cannot confirm if things are the way they should be. In the meantime, can someone please tell me how to revert what I have done? I quit Alfred, removed "Alfred.alfredpreferences" from the folder and opened Alfred again. Then the message came up about preferences not being found, and continued on. Everything went back to normal. My setup: macOS Big Sur Version 11.5.1 (20G80) Alfred Version 4.5.1 (1256) (20F71) Thanks for your time.
  3. Today I switched the location of my Alfred Preferences to ~/Dropbox/Alfred. I had previously synced my preferences with Dropbox and somehow (I don't know when) Alfred moved its prefs back to ~/Library/Application Support. After I restarted Alfred with the new preferences location, it appears that I've lost many custom searches, themes, and workflows. It seems like those missing items aren't totally gone, but I don't know how to safely merge my local prefs with my synced prefs. I currently have Alfred, Alfred 2, and Alfred 3 directories in ~/Library Application Support. The Alfred directory is the one that still has my custom searches, workflows, and themes. Suggestions on how to remedy this situation (get my settings back while also use Dropbox for syncing)? Alfred version & build number: Alfred 4.1.1 (Build 1172) OS X version: macOS v10.15.6 (19G2021)
  4. Up until recently, my preferences and workflows synced between machines wonderfully. Something recently broke and I'm not seeing workflows sync anymore through Dropbox. I know Dropbox is syncing on both machines, as I just dropped a file from my desktop machine into it and I see it on my laptop almost immediately. Both Alfred instances are set to sync from my Dropbox folder. But for some reason, the workflows aren't syncing. As a test, I create a new one on my desktop and don't see it syncing over to my laptop. However, if I delete the Alfred.preferences file from Dropbox, I see my workflows immediately start disappearing from both machines. So the syncing is working right, but just not for new workflows. Any pointers on what I should look for to troubleshoot this?
  5. I have received a new computer from work and want to keep the same configuration for Alfred (preferably without needing to manually copy all the things); is there a way to move _*ALL*_ settings over to the new computer so that my snippets, workflows, custom searches, et cetera are all present and available for use? I was hoping that the sync option would work; but after reading the fine print more (oops), that is not what the feature is designed to help with. is there either an official way or not-official-but-it-may-work-use-at-your/my-own-risk way to duplicate the settings?
  6. Google Drive and iCloud are known to do a rotten job of syncing Alfred's preferences, and the online help advises against using them. The help is where people go when they already have a problem. In this case, that can mean GDrive or iCloud already lost all their stuff. I believe it would be more appropriate for Alfred to warn users before they try to use a sync service that is known to work badly. It might not stop them using that service, but it would at least be an informed decision. I know that I, for one, would be extremely annoyed to lose all my workflows and snippets to iCloud, then discover via the above help page that it's known not to work, but that isn't mentioned anywhere in the sync settings in Alfred itself.
  7. Hey! I am using the Dropbox auto-sync feature. How can I be sure that every time I change a setting it is saved? Both `Created` and `Modified` fields are set to the date I installed Alfred and the `Last Opened` is set to a couple of months ago where I probably double clicked the file. Is that normal? Thanks
  8. Greetings, Alfred Community, I use several cloud file sync apps like Dropbox, GDrive, Evernote, and Box.com. Most of these tools add a context menu to my desktop Finder window, allowing me to instantly share a file and copy the share URL to the clipboard. I love to use Alfred to FIND all those files quickly on my desktop, but it would be awesome to be able to copy a share URL right from Alfred instead of doing "Show in Finder" and right-clicking the context menu. First world problems, I know, but we're all about speed in here, and this would make many of us extra speedy.... Thanks for reading! Ted
  9. I'm a new user to Alfred and think it's brilliant!. Can't find this requested before, but would it be possible to put Alfred prefs sync in a DropBox sub-folder - purely to follow my established pattern for app data. So far it seems only possible to do it at the top level of Dropbox folders. EG: ~/Dropbox/Apps/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences rather than: ~/Dropbox/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences
  10. I am having a consistent issue with the keyboard shortcut on macOS Sierra. I have bound the Clipboard History Shortcut to SHIFT + APPLE + V (I have used this with another app for years - it is basically hardwired now) However, after a reboot the shortcut does not work. The only way I have found to get it to work is to go to ADVANCED > SET SYNC FOLDER Then change the Sync folder It is saved in Google Drive synced using inSync (not Dropbox - I saw a thread saying this could be an issue) What i have been doing is changing it to a tmp folder, then changing it back. This drives me a little nuts - any help much appreciated
  11. Is there some way to exclude a certain workflow from syncing between my two computers running Alfred? I'm using Dropbox to sync Alfred. The reason is that when I access computer A from computer B via screen sharing, pressing ALT + SPACE will Show Alfred on computer B, and not computer A. So I've set up an alternative Hotkey to Show Alfred. But now I need to be able to only use it on computer A, and not computer B. Thanks!
  12. Currently, the Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows directory consists of files such as: user.workflow.04920F48-D3A5-43EC-A15E-67BE4FBEB864 user.workflow.9F9952DB-FB85-477E-839E-DD5AFB79157D user.workflow.0F14C544-D083-44A4-ABDB-BB1392C53EF7 user.workflow.A235E0D1-5199-4E66-ACBB-2B385EBB231D This format makes it difficult to put the directory under version control and then coordinate development of workflows between software developers. It would be helpful if the directory were structured more like this: Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows: Chrome Bookmarks/ Google Autocomplete/ Plain Text Paste/ I think this would allow Alfred to advertise itself to developers: if github developers see other "Alfred Workflows" that they like and want to copy, they could fork the repository and tweak or improve the workflows for their own purposes. In the meantime, Alfred Powerpack would become even more desirable. See also the way Sublime Text 2 allows this kind of sharing of packages. Duane
  13. Good day. If you add a snippet, and the 'name' field contains an emoji, it will not sync to other Alfred instances. To replicate: - Add a new snippet. - In the 'name field', add an emoji character. The keyword can be whatever you want, and the snippet can be whatever you want. - Close Alfred, allow a few moments to sync. - Check other Alfred enabled device - snippet is not there. To confirm: - Return to first instance, rename the 'name' field from emoji character to normal text. - Close, wait, sync. - New snippet shows on different instance. Version: 3, b652 Sync: Dropbox OS: El Cap
  14. Is there any way to unsync Alfred? I actually need quick access to my dropbox history more than I want my Alfred preferences to be in sync. Is there a way to unsync? I can choose a new folder, which I could just select a folder that isn't in dropbox, but that seems a little clunky. Is there a way to do this? Or any chance we'll get a clean "unsync"?
  15. I'm really interested in what users have done / if there is a best practice for keeping workflows, snippets, and other settings in sync across multiple computers? I recently started using mackup (https://github.com/lra/mackup) for my dotfiles, which is great. That utility supports pretty much any application so it should work just fine but I wanted to check to see if there is an accepted way to do this?
  16. I sync my preferences using iCloud folders but looks like Alfred only read/write preferences on start/quit, so I have problems syncing between computers as I usually doesn't close Alfred at all. I have to restart the app to see changes applied. Is there a way to improve this behaviour? I really appreciate that. Thanks.
  17. I had Alfred set to sync its preferences through iCloud Drive to keep them the same across two Macs, but I somehow lost my Powerpack workflows in the process. The preferences for Alfred on one of my computers were reset as well. I have two preferences files in iCloud Drive now, one labeled Alfred.alfredpreferences and the other Alfred 2.alfredpreferences. Deleting the second one returns my preferences to the ones I had, but the workflows are still gone in both files. (checking the folder within the alfredpreferences package) These files are the only Alfred preferences files left on the entire drive. Is it possible to recover the workflows?
  18. I can't use Dropbox on my work computer. I've set up a git repo to sync preferences between by Macs, which I'd very much like to place inside a dot-folder (i.e., ~/.alfred). However, the dialog for Choose Sync Folder will not let me see this dot-folder to choose it for syncing. Normally "Cmd + Shift + ." toggles hidden files and folders in a choose file dialog, but this doesn't seem to be working in Alfred. There's no way to manually type in the path that I can see, so I seem to be stuck. Any suggestions? I realize I can remove the period from the .alfred and manually hide the folder using "chflags hidden ~/alfred" -- will go with this if necessary, but for consistency I'd prefer to keep the dot in front if possible.
  19. It would be very nice to be able to selectively sync certain workflows. I have Alfred on my primary machine (Mac Pro) and on my laptop. Due to very different storage configurations there are some paths that are just not the same between the new machines. Example #1 When I try and launch Cheaters via Alfred even though the cheat docs are in my Dropbox folder in the same place, the path to the Dropbox folder is in a different place on my desktop vs. laptop. Initially I kept a snippet with the correct path for each machine and I'd just open the workflow and paste it in. It works but is slow. Because I'm a bit dim sometimes it didn't occur to me to use symbolic links on one of the machines so that the workflow works both places now. Still, it would be nice to be able to change the workflow on one machine and then just mark it as Do Not Sync anymore. Example #2 As I've been writing this I was thinking of another use scenario. There are several workflows I want to be the same on both machines, but there are a bunch of workflows that I just don't need on my laptop. In those cases too it would be nice to not have sync be an all or nothing scenario. Just a toggle for Sync/NoSync
  20. I just thought of this! My alfred prefs are saved in dropbox and are synced, so every workflow etc' are immediately updated! What if we could have the clipboard history saved there as well? That would mean immediate sync of clipboard and snippets!!! How cool would that be? UPDATE : just checked, and snippets are indeed synced! so just clipboard items then.
  21. Hi, I'm thinking about upload my alfred.Alfredpreferences folder to my Github dotfiles repo and I wanted to know which folders contains sensible data to add them to .gitignore. I know that clipboard and some workflows should be treated as sensible data but I want to know if I should add more folders to this list. Another question I have it's if this UUID contains sensible info too and what's its purpose Alfred.alfredpreferences/preferences/local/<UUID> Thanks!
  22. I've got 2 file filter workflows that I created on my work machine where the settings is synced. I just set up sync at home too and I got the two file filters but when I open up Alfred and try to use the filters I can see them but they can't find any files. As soon as I start to write the filter the fallback searches are found. The folders and files the workflow searches are the same on both computers (they are also synced and located at the same paths) so I really don't understand why.
  23. I use to use Alfred on 2 different computers (home and work) and I'd like to know whether there's any suggestion about how to sync settings in different devices. I read once that is not a good idea to use Dropbox, is that right? Thanks
  24. Repro: (1) set to sync settings in a dropbox folder, (2) add a custom web search, (3) close preferences, (4) reopen preferences, expect to see new addition, actually its not there View repro video: http://screencast.com/t/kndRE4aWLBB Alfred v2.3 (264) OSX 10.9.2 Dropbox v2.6.33 continual repro, haven't found a workaround yet
  25. Alfred syncs the relative position of its window across machines. I think this is a bad idea. I have a monster 30" display on my desktop machine (where it's easy to miss things), but an 11" MacBook Air. On my desktop, I like Alfred to appear roughly in the centre of the display where I'm looking, but on the MBA it has to be near to the top of the screen or the full results list doesn't fit on the screen. While it's not a huge deal to have Alfred's window appear near the top of my 30" screen (once I realised what was going on—for a long time I thought Alfred had crashed), it strikes me as much more logical for window positioning (and size, where relevant) to be machine-specific rather than user-specific. I found it particularly confusing, as my theme was not synced (it wasn't installed on the MBA).
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