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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I just upgraded to Alfred 3, and was able to sync my preferences on my first Mac (10.14) without a hitch. However, when I try to set the sync folder on the second Mac (also 10.14), the folder in Dropbox where my preferences are located is unselectable -- it is greyed out. The folder name is "apps." Again, I tried syncing on my second Mac, but the folder was greyed out. I set it up on my first Mac with no problems, but then was still unable to sync with my second Mac because the folder in not selectable. Any ideas why I would be able to sync on one but not the other? Thanks.
  2. Hi I am wondering what you recommend as the best way to do auto-syncing or maybe you have a documet on the topic? I worry about losing all my snippets. Thanks and I look forward to your replies.
  3. Is there any way to unsync Alfred? I actually need quick access to my dropbox history more than I want my Alfred preferences to be in sync. Is there a way to unsync? I can choose a new folder, which I could just select a folder that isn't in dropbox, but that seems a little clunky. Is there a way to do this? Or any chance we'll get a clean "unsync"?
  4. On a whim, I decided to start syncing my preferences so I have them backed up consistently. What an unfortunate decision that was.. As soon as I restarted alfred, I found that all my preferences were reset: theme, hotkey, etc... Everything except for my workflows. This was annoying, but it wasn't a huge deal to put everything back. Then I restarted Alfred, and I was back to the default again. This makes Alfred essentially unusable for me, so I hope someone can help me soon—I feel naked using my own machine! Details: Syncing to Dropbox/Miscellaneous/ .plists in user/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/ are not updated ,nor do they affect behavior I can change prefs in the gui, resulting in appropriate behavior, and overwriting any .plists in the synced .plists These .plists are ignored when Alfred restarts I was able to get sticky preferences by deleting the whole Library folder, and copying in my .alfredpreferences, but although the Worklow data is present, they do not show up in the gui, nor are they usable All I want is for everything to be like it was this morning... It seems to be impossible to turn off syncing in the GUI (a design flaw). Can I do this manually?
  5. Hi All, I have a workflow in place that makes it easy to add a todo to the Things.app. BUT it leaves the Things app open. Then I added a Applescript that tells the app to close. This works but I found that that it closes too fast, meaning that the Things app does not have time to sync the new changes to the server, meaning I can't view the newly added todo on iOS... Is there anyway I can build in a delay, or force Things to sync before quitting? Maybe any other ideas? Thanks!
  6. I've been keeping Alfred 2 in sync between my MacBook Pro and Mac mini manually since the v2 beta came out, and was thrilled to see syncing finally come in. However, after fumbling with it for an hour back and forth, I had to delete the syncing folder in Dropbox to make it stop. Alterations made to the default settings in preferences on one machine (let's say starting with the Mac mini, though this went back and forth several times) would invalidate those alterations on the other machine (let's say the MacBook Pro), essentially resetting it to default preferences, including the deletion of all added themes. Attempts to correct the issue on the MacBook Pro would reset the Mac mini to default prefereces, deleting the added themes again. Very frustrating. I've since set them both to where they were before manually, and neither of them are syncing with Dropbox. Love the app, and love the work you guys are doing, though.
  7. It would be great if Alred would provide a simple "Sync prefs to Dropbox" checkbox, without having to select a folder. Make the default be ~/Dropbox/Alfred.preferences for example. With current state of things, the first thing I did of course is pick a fancy folder where I thought it made total sense to store these prefs. Then couldn't remember which path made so much sense that other day... had to run a find ~/Dropbox -name \*Alfred\* I think a simple "Sync prefs to Dropbox" checkbox would be actually best! With an "Advanced syncing" option for those who really want to pick something fancy (and regret it later) Plus, with a simple default like that, you could easily find that file and automatically pick it up on new machines... no need to browse to anywhere. I would love it if I upgraded Alfred on my other box, and boom it has my synced settings without me even doing anything (the whole point of syncing)
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