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Found 15 results

  1. Alfred Star Ratings View and set star ratings for your files. Star ratings (like in iTunes) are a great way to categorise and organise your files. Unfortunately, you can access them directly in Finder, but Smart Folders (aka Saved Searches) do support them. Combine 'em to get quick access to your favourite porn Oscar-winning movies. Goes great with my Smart Folders workflow. Download & installation Download the workflow from GitHub releases or Packal. Double-click the downloaded .alfredworkflow file to install it. Usage This workflow works primarily via Alfred's File Actions. It uses Alfred's main window to display the ratings of the files you have selected in Finder, but they are altered via File Actions. In particular, if you just want to rate some files (rather than see their ratings), you should select them in Finder and directly call Alfred's File Actions mode with ⌥⌘+\ (default Alfred hotkey). From Alfred's main window .r — Grab the files currently selected in Finder and display them with their ratings. This is attached to a Hotkey, which you can assign (Alfred strips Hotkeys from workflows when you install them). Feel free to change this keyword, but you probably want to choose something unique (i.e. it doesn't match any of Alfred's default results), so the File Buffer is easy to use. → (default Alfred hotkey) — Show File Actions for selected result. ⌥+↑ (default Alfred hotkey) — Add result to File Buffer. ⌥+↓ (default Alfred hotkey) — Add result to File Buffer and move selection to next result. ⌥+→ (default Alfred hotkey) — Open File Actions for all files in the File Buffer. From Alfred's File Actions window Entering the number of stars you wish to assign (e.g. 0, 1, 2 etc.) should show the corresponding action. The action to clear the rating is called "Clear Star Rating", so typing clear should show that action. Licensing, thanks This workflow is released under the MIT licence. It relies on the following open-source resources: The icon is from Font Awesome by Dave Gandy (SIL licence). biplist by Andrew Wooster for parsing/generating binary plists (licence). Alfred-Workflow by me, a library for writing Alfred 2 workflows (MIT licence).
  2. Can Alfred do advanced searches using tags as Finder can?
  3. Hello everyone, I would like to be able to search for a Tag in Alfred and see all related tagged files in a Finder window. So far I can only have the results to show in a list in the Alfred window, and from there I can only do one of two things: either select one of the results to open it, or show it in Finder. This last option does show the selected file, but among all the other files in that folder, regardless of their own tag. What I would like, on the other hand, is this: say I type "tags bank" in Alfred, I would like to have the option to open a Finder window that shows all the files tagged with "bank", something like what you get when using the search field in a Finder window. Is this at all possible? I do hope that I was able to explain myself. Thank you so much. All the best, Rui
  4. Hi everyone on the forum, I've been reading silent for a long time and love looking through the forums... Today though, I have to ask for some help... I remember having a workflow that made it easy to find and tag files using Alfred. It's been a long time and I can't seem to find anything that does the job quite right. I know about the built in tag search but it seems as if I can't find any hint on tagging through Alfred. I only find rather old stuff or repos with a 404. Is there anybody out there that can help, or has a hint on convenient tagging within Alfred? Cheers and thanks in advance for looking at this question patowod
  5. I'd love to see each file's tags listed in the information provided by File Navigation's Preview Panel. Tags seem more important than most of the info that is currently listed (e.g., app the file opens in, date created, etc.). Why not list the file's tags there? At the moment, Alfred doesn't have an easy way for viewing or modifying tags, and this seems like a good first step that won't demand a complete overhaul of anything. Ideally, I'd love to see Alfred have its own file action for tags, too, which allowed users to view the file's current tags and modify them as needed (without requiring users to remember their list of tags, etc.). Relying on Finder's "get info" feature is a little clunky, as it requires leaving Alfred, etc. I have some workflows for adding or removing tags that I often use, but they're not very flexible (e.g., they don't tell me which tags are already on the file, they don't dynamically tell me which tags are in use on my system, etc.). Lastly, I'd love to see tags visually incorporated into Alfred's main search results (favorite suggestion here), but I guess that's for another day! Thanks for listening!
  6. I'm new to Alfred and already loving it. I'm working a lot with tags for my files and use hazel to auto-tag my scanned office papers. Using filesearch with tags works fine. But I want to narrow down the result with just adding a part of the filename. That's weired because alfred switches to search google now ... Am I missing something? e. g. "tags invoice %customer name% where 'invoice is my tag and %customer name% the variable for the actual customer I'm searching for
  7. I think I am going crazy. I have Alfred using the default "tags" keyword. When I type "tags" it even asks, 'search the OS by tags'. but, when I type A TAG, it changes to searching google. What am I missing?
  8. I've become a convert to the use of tags in macOS as a way of organizing files. I'm moving away from storing my files in folders and sub-folders since there's really no need when it's faster to use Alfred just to search for it. So I'm trying to build a simple search workflow that will allow me to search for files and folders by tag, but allow me to refine my search by adding more search terms. If i'm searching my PDFs for files tagged "javascript", say, I'd like to go be able to add more tags to narrow the search. It's not so bad when there are only ten files with the tag, but when yo have a hundred it becomes obvious that being able to refine the search by adding more terms is essential. I have a workflow that (like the built- in search) does a great job of searching for a single tag. How do I give it the extra functionality I want? Here's what I have... It's as simple as it gets. It is configured to search for tags and not title keywords: Anyone have any ideas?
  9. Alfred can search for files by tag. And by file names. Separately. Apple's Spotlight conveniently combine both in its search results. As an example, let's say I want to open one of my apps for editing markdown. I can't remember the name of the one I'm looking for. Alfred's search comes out with 2 apps: Markdown Pro & Multimarkdown Composer. Apple's default search comes out with all 5 apps: Markdown Pro, Multimarkdown Composer, IA Writer, Haroopad, Typora. Knowing I would be hard press to remember the function of the 600 apps in my Mac, I tagged those that have names unrelated to their function. In this case, "markdown". In the case of Gemini, "duplicates", etc.
  10. Hi, Is it possible in a workflow to limit the search scope to files with a certain tag? Thanks! Giovanni
  11. Hi all, I just discovered Alfred around, lets say, 20 minutes ago. I really don't know much about it at all. What I'd like to achieve is the following, but I'm not sure if it's possible. Lets say I have a folder of images which I then upload to Dropbox. What I'd like it to do is generate Dropbox IMG tags surrounding all the images for that album and copy it to the clipboard. So, I can then go onto the web and paste the links. Or, even just to select the images I want to post, and have it generate the IMG tags for me (instead of the entire album. Am I way off the mark, or is this possible? Thanks!
  12. Hi! With Alfred 2.1.1 the Tags, that were introduced in Mavericks, are now searchable. With this you are able to search for Tags and get all files that have the Tags set on them. The problem is that you always get all files as a result. It would be really nice if you could "append" the search Tags to your "normal" search in order to filter your search more precisely. E.g: "'foo" searches for all files that are named "foo". It would be great if you could have such a query: "'foo tags:privat" to find all files that are named "foo" and have are tagged as "privat". I think this would make the tagging feature much more useful, especially if you have many files tagged and not just only a few that can be listed in the Alfred results. Also the Tags feature should preview all available tags. Best regards, Andreas
  13. Ability to search Mavericks tags would be appreciated at least by me. Although I don't see spotlight showing results using it yet so this might be a tall order.
  14. Hello, fellow workers of flow! I've just thrown together a new workflow that searches and sets OpenMeta tags and opens files that have already been tagged. You can download it here! Just install it, then enter "tags" to display—after about a second—a list of all the tags currently set on your system. Select a tag and press Return to add it to the Finder selection's current tags, or keep typing. In which case the workflow will search through the tags on your system for tags containing and related to your query. (Note that "related to" really means "related to": if a document is tagged "alice" and "bob," searching for "bob" will turn up "alice" as related.) It'll also list documents tagged with your query. Select a tag and hit Return to tag the Finder selection (again), or choose a document and hit Return to open it. Hitting Tab while a tag is selected will autocomplete to that tag, making it a cinch to search for tagged documents. In the updated version, also at the link above, holding down Ctrl while pressing Return will remove the chosen tag from the Finder selection or, if a file is highlighted in Alfred, clear all tags from that file. The updated version is also a bit greedier with the metadata attributes it sets, so that stale data won't be left behind for other apps to potentially use by mistake. So, have fun, tag away, and enjoy using OpenMeta without paying $29 for Tags.app!
  15. This workflow launches Ironic Software's free Tagit app for quickly adding OpenMeta tags to anything in OS X. Out of the box you can use the hotkey ⇧⌘T (Shift+Command+T) to launch the tagging window on the selected file anywhere in Finder. The Workflow also adds a file action to Alfred. Works nicely with Corentin Cras-Méneur's OpenMeta search workflow. I've been tagging Applications then searching by tags like "writing" and "finance" to choose not by name, but by function. Download Open in Tagit.alfredworkflow
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