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Found 3 results

  1. I've put an Alfred workflow for TaskPaper 3 up at packal and github. The page includes a download link, full instructions and an image. Please give it a go. There is a is another discussion thread on the TaskPaper forum. The commands are briefly: Keywords: - d:setdoc - configure the TaskPapar document - d:choosedoc - configure the TaskPaper document via a dialogue box - d:help - show a brief summary of commands and settings - d:setremind - view, change or disable the reminder search - do - open the workflow’s TaskPaper document - do <task> - create a new task - domail - create tasks from emails selected in Apple’s Mail app - dos - search for and then select an item. Use modifiers cmd to toggle @done and shift to toggle @today tags - dop - search for and then focus on a project - doss - select and apply a search saved from the document - dot - search for and then append a tag to any current search. Use the modifier cmd-return to instead clear the search before appending the tag - dopr - open resources associated with a project or to add a folder or alias resource if none exist - dosn - show (expand) all notes - dohn - hide (collapse) all notes Modifiers: - none - operate on a project - ⌘ - operate on the Inbox - ⇧ - operate on the Stack - ⌥ - operate on the Reading List project The source is on github and the code behind the scenes is written using JXA. Please let me know if you run into troubles or have suggestions. --- Rob
  2. Here is Todo. My version of a todo list management workflow using Alfred. This allows you to add quick entries to a list of todo items, view them, delete one or all of them, and highlights items that have been pending too long Detailed documentation is available at GitHub. Getting Started Keywords: todo this is the main keyword, and lets you get started todo <new task> will add a new task todo will display the list of tasks todo # will display the list of tags add <new task> will add a new task done will show you all items that have been marked as done clear to remove items Adding todo items Typing add a new task will create a new task titled 'a new task'. This will be tagged #default Typing todo #work sign off document will create a task titled 'sign off document' and tagged #work Typing add !! this is sticky will create a pinned item titled 'this is sticky', tagged #default When adding items, add and todo keywords are interchangeable, although the key difference is add allows you to add items with the title twice; todo provides a more informative feedback on screen If you wish to load todo items in bulk, use the import keyword, described later below under Advanced Options Hotkey Support: If you set a hotkey (Alfred removes configured hotkeys when you install a workflow) by opening up the workflow, then you can use the hotkey to import the selected item in Mac OS. e.g. select some text, press the hotkey, and the selected text will be parsed and added as a todo item ---- Select this entire line of text and trigger the hotkey to create a pinned item, tagged !! #forum Command modifiers: Pressing fn key when selecting an item will enable edit mode for that item - this works for both todo items and tagsIn edit mode, use the same syntax that you use to create a new todo - e.g. #newtag new todo text. Todo will identify which portion you need to change and update them accordingly Pressing Shift will allow you to mark an item as done. You can view all done items with the done keyword Pressing Cmd will help you delete either a todo item, and all items that match a specific tag Pressing Alt will help you list out all items that match the currently selected items tag Pressing Ctrl will help you pin/unpin a todo item. Pinned items will always be displayed first (they can be deleted as usual) If you press the Tab key against a todo item, you will be shown all todo items with the matching tag Pressing Enter will copy the text content of a todo item to the clipboard Download Download the workflow from here and give it a try. This theme works well with the workflow. Documentation Detailed documentation is available at GitHub. Screenshots Default todo setup with a few items: What's new? 26 April 2013 - v2.2 Beta support for Remember the Milk. Read about it in this post.
  3. TaskPaper Actions Is intended to be a set of actions for TaskPaper. For the time being, it has only my previous actions ported but I will be expanding on this as time passes in order to further functionality. Included Actions Extended Notes; Time Tracking with TicToc Installation Either download the workflow from here or use AlfPT to install/update Usage Extended Notes Configuring this action is a simple matter of choosing your desired values and configuring the worklist variable. The variable is a list in the manner of: set workList to {{"note", "outline"}, {docPath:"/Users/pedro/Dropbox/Notes/", ext:"txt", appname:"nvALT"}, {docPath:"/Users/pedro/Dropbox/Outliner/", ext:"opml", appname:"Mindnode Lite"}} Breaking it down we have: Item 1 is a list of your tags. In my case I have “Note” and “Outline” Item 2 onwards is a list of records pertaining to each tag. So in the above example, item 2 is a list of the path where you place docs related to your Note tag and the extension of your Note tag (some may prefer txt, md, mmd etc.). Finally we have the app with which you want to open the note (must be apps exact name, correct caps and all) Item 3 pertains to tag outline. If you prefer more tags/document types then just expand on this. NOTE: If a document with the specified name doesn’t exist it will be created (Text file types only so far…) TimeTracking You need to have TicToc installed for this particular action. Before the first run it is important you customise the script with your preferred tags. @tictoc is the default “tracking” tag. The Value of this tag has to be the name of your task in TicToc. Take the following example: I would then have to have tasks in TaskPaper as: - Complete readme.md for script @tictoc(TaskPaper Timetracking) - Complete some random test @tictoc(test) NOTE: This is case insensitive so no need to be too fussy @running is the default for tasks being “tracked” After the first run you can set registered to true. It’s only needed on first run in order to register the script with Growl. Errors In this first version, the script will output errors in the following situations: Entry selected is not a task; Entry selected doesn’t have a tracking tag (@tictoc default); Tracking tag is either empty or it’s value doesn’t correspond to a task/event in TicToc Caveats Unfortunately Tictoc’s AppleScript support is still rather limited and therefor I have no way of telling if a task is being tracked/timed except by the @running tag. This means that if you start a task in TPM and then stop it in TicToc, I have no way yet of syncing those changes (updating @running tag in TPM) so therefore all starting and stopping should be done in TPM. It is also not yet possible to create new tasks/events in ticToc with AppleScript so they will have to either already exist or be manually created beforehand. You MUST configure TicToc to allow tracking of multiple tasks otherwise things will get confused real quick
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