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Found 5 results

  1. not a Workflow, but a way to create Workflow more easily in PHP. it's along the same lines as Alfred Workflow ScriptFilter and Alfred Workflow Config (https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/12265-alfred-workflow-config/?tab=comments#comment-64722). (Alfred Workflow Workflow actually uses Alfred Workflow ScriptFilter under the hood.) so if you're building Workflows in **PHP**, that might be useful to you. some details in the README: https://github.com/godbout/alfred-workflow-workflow ☀️🌿️
  2. This Workflow allows you to easily create a new file in the Mac OS Finder by typing new into Alfred. You can also setup pre-populated templates for filetypes (instructions on my blog). I have also added a hotkey option. You can specify the hotkey from your Alfred Workflow window (I find CTRL + ALT + N works quite nicely). This is a re-write of the Alfred 1.x extension I released last year. Once again I'd like to thank Chris Kalafarski (farski) for improving the first ever version of my script. Download Workflow here (8kb). I hope you find this as useful as I do. To those who may no
  3. Hi all, I write a lot of email, and would prefer to use a template to send snippets of email text. I love the Alfred "bar" where you can input whatever shortcut to get to somewhere. My question is, is there a way to trigger the bar, but instead of choosing from files / custom actions / etc., it shows a list of text templates in the drop-down I've configured? I use aText sometimes, but honestly, it's hard to remember all of the small shortcut names I've given it, and also it's pretty bad UX for something like. Thanks!
  4. This workflow allows you to create templates with Handlebar syntax. To use the workflow, you have to have Node.js installed first. I recommend using Homebrew to install it. Once Node.js is installed, go to your snippets directory in Alfred Browser and select the “Set Template Directory” file action. This tells the workflow where your templates (or snippets) are to be kept. You then run the “tp:install” to install the example templates and a default global.json file. This file should be edited to match your needs. Any data item added to this file is then passed to the Handlebar render a
  5. vistay

    Light Grey

    Hey, this is my first theme for Alfred 2. I hope you enjoy it! Download: http://timfengler.de/alfred-theme/
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