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Found 2 results

  1. TestFlight Upload API Workflow v1.2 Download http://fallenclient.github.io/testflight-alfred-workflow/src/TestFlight%20v1.2.alfredworkflow Source https://github.com/fallenclient/testflight-alfred-workflow This workflow can be triggered by hotkey keyboard shortcut with the ipa/dSym zip selected in a Finder window or by navigating to a ipa (with or without dSym zip) via the Alfred file browser. The next step is adding your API Token and Team Token to the workflow using keywords tfapitoken and tfteamtoken. When triggered the workflow will take you through adding notes, distribution list (optional), notify users of build (optional, defaults to false) and replace build of the same name (optional, defaults to false) in that order. Final step Test Flight Upload once return is hit will upload your file(s) in the background and will notify you on success or failure. A successfull upload will put the build link on your clipboard to paste. Notes Once you have been through the workflow once using the keyword tfupload will start a new upload with previously entered options and the previously selected files. You can also hit any keyword in the chain (tfpreflightnotes, tfdistribution, tfnotify, tfreplace) to start the workflow at that point using any previous options. e.g. tfdistribution will use the same selected files and notes as entered previously but will allow you to set distribution, notify and replace before uploading. Credits jdfwarrior - Awesome PHP Workflow For Alfred & Chained demo workflow Change Log Version 1.2 Workflow can now be triggered by Alfred File Action Version 1.1 Added Copy to Clipboard Hitting return on tfupload continues execution
  2. Here comes the TestFlight workflow we all have been waiting for. :-) You can list your team members, invites (with invite status) and apps. (Apps require the Area 51 feature that can be enabled here). You can send an invitation to a given email directly from Alfred, and you can copy your API token. To setup after installation, right-click the workflow and select "Show in Finder". Open the file "login.sh". Enter your login info into the variables "USERNAME" and "PASSWORD". Done! Download it here
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