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Found 1 result

  1. Description: Just created a quick and easy TextSoap Cleaners workflow to allow for the execution of any of the TextSoap cleaners on the current clipboard contents. It is using the applescript interface to the TextSoap Menu application. Therefore the full application does not need to be running. It works faster than the PopClip extension for TextSoap. This will also remember past used cleaners and give them back to you as an option. That way you can build your most used list here as well. It can also pop up a list of all cleaners in Alfred for you to pick from. Download: https://github.com/raguay/MyAlfred/blob/master/Alfred 5/TextSoap Cleaners 9.alfredworkflow Readme: This workflow is for using the TextSoap cleaners on text. Each keyword is described below: To Use: The "tc:clean" keyword to select from a list of cleaners or a previously used cleaner. The particular TextSoap cleaner will be performed on the contents of the clipboard. If you hold down the FN key, it will delete that cleaner from the list of most used cleaners. You can use a hot-key to launch the last cleaner automatically on the current selection and copy the results back in place. It also has a hot key to copy the current selection, show a list of available cleaners, perform the cleaner, and copy the results back. The "tc:full" keyword will list every cleaner available and perform the selected cleaner on the clipboard contents. In order to have the list of every cleaner, you should run the keyword “tc:getcleaners" each time you add a new cleaner to Text Soap. You can set an editor to use to edit your personal cleaner list using the "tc:seteditor" keyword. You can then use the "tc:editlist" to edit your list of most used cleaners. You can get a line, word, character count of what is in the clipboard using “tc:count”. It will clean out formatting first (HTML to plain text). If you pass a string with the command, it will count that string. You can set a hotkey to count the selected text. The count is placed back into the clipboard. tc:loadpopclipext This will load the popclip extension for executing the last cleaner on the highlighted text. There are also three places to set your hotkeys: one for doing a character/word/line count of your selection, one for evoking the last cleaner on selected text, and one for choosing from the full list of cleaner to apply on the currently selected text. Current Version: 2.3 changed on 06/26/2014 I refactored and cleaned up a lot of code. Added the line, word, character counting as well. Just fixed problem with sorting cleaners by location in list and use. Now, Alfred sorts each cleaner by times used only. Current Version: 3.0 changed on 11/22/2022 The link above has been changed to the 3.0 version. Sorry for the inconvenience of not updating this sooner. Current Version: 6.0 Just updated to Alfred 5. This workflow no longer uses environment variables. It still uses node.js if the compiled version of the internal program isn't used. Let me know if you need more functionality or you find a bug. Richard Guay
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