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Found 24 results

  1. I've released two themes that are based on Hey, a new take on email from Basecamp. Download them here
  2. I have received a new computer from work and want to keep the same configuration for Alfred (preferably without needing to manually copy all the things); is there a way to move _*ALL*_ settings over to the new computer so that my snippets, workflows, custom searches, et cetera are all present and available for use? I was hoping that the sync option would work; but after reading the fine print more (oops), that is not what the feature is designed to help with. is there either an official way or not-official-but-it-may-work-use-at-your/my-own-risk way to duplicate the settings?
  3. cookie053177

    An Old Hope

    Hi there, I created a theme based on the developer theme - An Old Hope that I used everyday. Hope you guys like it! Feel free to download it here: https://cl.ly/42447673a69c/An Old Hope.alfredappearance
  4. πŸ‘‹ Hi. Long time lurker stopping by to share something I've been working on. I'm calling it Pacmax (PM). Akin to Packal (which is a great website that I'm sure we all know and love) PM is my attempt to fill what voids I feel exist in the current landscape for the other Alfred lovers out there, like myself. Namely: It works from the source, dynamically updating content from GitHub. No accounts are necessary to add Workflows and Themes, because I'm curating submissions. Adding to PM is as simple as submitting the GitHub repository. Repos with files that use the appropriate .alfredappearance & .alfredworkflow extensions will enable PM to display Import (themes will open directly with Alfred) and Get Import File (workflows). Your feedback is very important! I hope you'll check it out and let me know what you think. Don't forget to add your favorite Workflows & Extensions (at the bottom of the page)! I added a few of my favorites to start (but it's grown significantly since this post was published). If anyone is interested, you can learn more about Pacmax at pacmax.org. If you have any kind of feedback or are interested in getting involved on a deeper level, I welcome your feedback at feedback@pacmax.org. Thanks, and all the best, Maxwell
  5. It would be great if I could set two themes: one for normal mode, and one for dark mode. I have f.lux that changes mode at sunset, so the best would be if in Alfred's prefs I could set a theme for both settings, so that switching is automatic, it doesn't have to fiddle with a scripts.
  6. Once upon a time, I was able to change the color of text selection in custom themes. Fn key seems to show selected text in theme window; however, the option to change color remains on 'font color'. Am I missing something here?
  7. While investigating input delay after upgrading to High Sierra (setting blur below 50% fixed it, as mentioned here fixed it for now), I found this weird behaviour: When setting the blur to about here: my Alfred window suddenly had a gradient background: While this is a bit much, I'd love to be able to have a gradient background in my theme, which could look amazing I think.
  8. When you hover over the background, you get help text that says "Hold ⌘ to set fonts individually." But when you hover over the theme elements in font mode, it very much implies that you'll be changing only that element. I almost posted a bug report before I saw the generic help text. Possible solutions: Include "Hold ⌘" prompt in all help text, not only when the mouse cursor isn't hovering over a text element Change help text when hovering over text element to say "All fonts", and only name the element (e.g. "Result Subtext Font") when actually holding ⌘
  9. On a whim, I decided to start syncing my preferences so I have them backed up consistently. What an unfortunate decision that was.. As soon as I restarted alfred, I found that all my preferences were reset: theme, hotkey, etc... Everything except for my workflows. This was annoying, but it wasn't a huge deal to put everything back. Then I restarted Alfred, and I was back to the default again. This makes Alfred essentially unusable for me, so I hope someone can help me soonβ€”I feel naked using my own machine! Details: Syncing to Dropbox/Miscellaneous/ .plists in user/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/ are not updated ,nor do they affect behavior I can change prefs in the gui, resulting in appropriate behavior, and overwriting any .plists in the synced .plists These .plists are ignored when Alfred restarts I was able to get sticky preferences by deleting the whole Library folder, and copying in my .alfredpreferences, but although the Worklow data is present, they do not show up in the gui, nor are they usable All I want is for everything to be like it was this morning... It seems to be impossible to turn off syncing in the GUI (a design flaw). Can I do this manually?
  10. Hey guys, It looks like you're not able to make changes to the colour schemes for the default OSX Yosemite themes. I was hoping to do it so I can lose the shadow effect around Alfred for a cleaner look. http://monosnap.com/image/gnGk4vrhWgHNgH4K7QDpcUsVEJSPf2 Is anyone else having this problem, or is it just me?
  11. Hey there, I've noticed that Terminal.app has an additional parameter in it's colour wheel settings called Blur, which allows you select a percentage of blur an opaque colour creates on the background behind the window. If it's possible to work this into Alfred's theme editor I'd really like to see it...
  12. Well, one system I upgraded to Yosemite. At first, I could not change my Theme, but they were all there. Then I exited Alfred and relaunched. All the none standard themes disappeared. I sync Alfred via Dropbox with my Mac Air. The Air (10.9) is still working and shows all the themes. To change themes under Yosemite, you have to select the theme, exit Alfred, and relaunch Alfred.
  13. I'm hacking some Theme files by editing them using a text editor. I can change the font but it seems to be restricted to the typefaces that come with OSX. If I choose any of the typefaces listed here it works, but any others seem to cause the theme to display in Helvetica. Is this on purpose? Am I missing something? It doesn't appear to be due to mis-spelt typeface names or a space in the name.
  14. I'm happy to announce that after months of development, I'm ready to make a new workflow and theme repository available to the public as an open beta: Packal. Workflows and themes are taggable and searchable. You can add in the icons, screenshots, long descriptions, and brief ones. There are many different ways to find whatever you need there. Since this is an initial announcement, there isn't much content there yet, except for the workflows and themes that a few kind testers uploaded. Themes are stored as a simple application URL, which means there are no files to download, but, instead, they import directly into Alfred2. Workflows are scanned for viruses after they are submitted but before they are made available publicly. Workflow authors can easily update their workflows just by editing the page and replacing the workflow file there. What is even better is that there is a soon-to-be-released companion workflow that will interface with Packal.org allowing for you to update your workflows directly from Alfred. I've worked out a method for updating workflows with Andrew that provides all of the security migration features that Alfred does natively. In order for a workflow to be updatable, the author needs to do nothing other than upload the file to Packal. All the packaging information necessary is automatically created for each workflow by the website itself. Besides the virus scan, the workflow also signs each package in order to verify its authenticity. I think that these are exciting developments for Alfred, and this sort of repository is what many people have been waiting for since these forums were created. So, please, head over to Packal, browse what's there, and, very importantly, submit your own workflows and themes. --Shawn
  15. System info: OSX 10.8.3 Alfred 2.0.3(187) Reproducable: Yes Steps to reproduce: Duplicate a theme, naming it Keep it selected. Close Alfred Preferences through cmd+Q or clicking the red x. Use Alfred hotkey to bring up Alfred window. Press cmd+p to bring up Alfred Preferences which should start on the Appearances panel. All custom/imported themes are gone leaving only the defaults of which the first is now selected. Additionally my Appearance Options were: [x] Hide hat on Alfred window [x] Hide prefs cog [ ] Hide result subtext [ ] Hide result shortcuts [x] Hide menu bar icon They now are all deselected, but continue to behave as if they were selected as above.
  16. I've created a new theme, and edited it to my liking… except for the font. I don't like any of the choices Alfred is offering, and can't find how to bring up the standard OS X font selector to choose the one I do want. Is this actually possible? I realise it makes the theme non-portable to have a font that's not on everyone's system, but I'm designing this theme for use on my computer, so I don't really care all that much
  17. GTBurns

    Cocoa Lion

    I made a theme based on the Cocoa menus in Mountain Lion. Can't replicate it properly β€” as there's currently no way to reduce border width β€” but it's OK (especially with blur hack). CLICK HERE Cheers, Gary Ps. apologies, the Dropbox link I had here before had stopped working, added a Box link now.
  18. Because I'm a big fan of Game of Thrones, their Houses and respective sigils (HBO link) here are some themes with their colors. Hope you enjoy and, if in the mood, make some comments or new themes. Dowload all 7 themes. Or individually, below: House of Arryn – download House Baratheon – Download House Greyjoy – Download House Lannister – Download House Stark I – Download House Stark II – Download House Targaryen – Download House Tully – Download
  19. Would like to request the ability to set custom fonts for Appearance themes. I realize that of course fonts in Appearances wouldn't be shareable, but falling back to Helvetica or Helvetica Neue if a font isn't available would be fine. Any interest in supporting this?
  20. I have an idea. Why you dont release a kind of App Store for Workflows and Themes. This a good way for sharing, updating and store Workflows and Themes in a single good looking secure place.
  21. Hey everyone I was looking around to fill my workflow list from a fresh start up and I found it very difficult to find a good list of useful workflows that I can browse and download what I wanted. Its pretty time consuming going through the forums and going through each thread to find anything. Do you guys have any suggestions on this? I honestly feel like creating a simple website that would have a list of a bunch of workflows and themes for people to browse through and download. Developers could submit their workflows and users could request workflows. etc etc. Thoughts?
  22. Just wanted to make my contribution to the v2 themes out there so made these clean ones. I hope to make some more when I get the time/inspiration. (I'm rocking Omar, personally.) https://github.com/Nephets/simple-alfred-themes
  23. I changed my FunkyGreen from Alfred 1.x for Alfred v2 a bit - I really like it now :-) Is there a way to change the border thickness?
  24. I love the clean simplicity of apps like the awesome Folding Text, iA Writer etc. Here is Alfred in his plane paper mode: http://cl.ly/image/0J3o2h1j0P04 Edit: Here is a download: iA Writer theme
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