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Found 2 results

  1. For links that appear in Alfred's clipboard history, with this workflow: You can search using the title of the link (in addition to the URL) You can see a thumbnail of the link Usage instructions: Open alfred Type ".setup-clipboard-link-thumbnailer" (without the quotes) To go through links on clipboard, use the keyword "cliplinks", or set up a hotkey in the workflow. Download: Clipboard Links.alfredworkflow Example screenshot: What's not yet implemented (and is not very likely as I don't need these features): Link deletion Auto link deletion for links older than certain time (the way clipboard history does) Anyone who can program can implement these quite easily, and I'd be glad to accept patches: source code Privacy and other Qs: Q: Are these links sent somewhere to obtain screenshots? A: No. Screenshots are taken locally (see source code). Q: What kind of screenshot do I get for pages that are accessible only after a login? A: The same as if you opened that link without logging in. Q: What if I want some links to be ignored? A: Not presently possible, and not likely to be implemented by me as I don't currently need it. Q: What if I want all links copied from a certain app to be ignored? A: Add the app to "Features > Clipboard History > Advanced > Ignore Apps" in Alfred's preferences. (see screenshot below)
  2. Hi folks, What's this Preview thumbnail at the top left corner of my Alfred search? I want to turn it off... unless it's some great new feature. :-\ Thanks! Gordon
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