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Found 3 results

  1. This workflow lets you interact with your account on Toggl (so, you know, you have to already have an account at toggle.com). It provides a fairly basic level of access; you can view time entries for the past few days (the Toggl API default), start/continue and stop entries, add projects, and generate some basic in-Alfred reports. Note: For the most up to date usage notes, release info, etc., please hop over to the workflow's page on GitHub. Usage The main keyword is tgl -- that will get you the list of available commands. When you first use the workflow, there's just a login command. After you login more commands will become available. timers - List, create, and modify time entries. projects - List, create, and modify projects. tags - List the available tags. report - Get a summary report for today, yesterday, or the current week. The report is grouped by project; tab into them to see times for tasks. sync - Grab the most current data from toggl.com logout - Logout of toggl.com reset - Clear out all local config data and cache This workflow works well in conjunction with the TogglDesktop application. Download Source For current update status, please see the workflow's release page on GitHub. Update 2016-04-15 The GitHub page is the best place to see the status of this workflow, and is the place to file issues. Head over to the Releases page on GitHub to grab the latest release. Update 2015-01-02 A new release is out with improved support for projects and tags. Update 2014-11-22 Well, after using Toggl for a year or two, I feel like I have a better idea of what to do with it. This version adds some new features (project support, at last!) and some general improvements (faster, easier to understand commands). I've also come up with some better (to me) ways of writing UIs with Alfred, and I got tired of the lag introduced by Python, so this is a total rewrite. Let me know what you think. Update 2013-11-29 I just pushed a couple of updates. There is now a command to quickly stop the current timer, and the workflow maintains project IDs when continuing tasks.
  2. I've rewritten my Alfred-Time workflow so that it's more easily extensible, and better tested. Currently it works with the Toggl and Harvest services. You can start, stop, or continue a timer, choose a project and a tag if necessary. With version 2.0 it's one service or the other though. The previous version allowed to use both services at the same time. I personally don't use that anymore, and it was a pain to maintain. If you still need that functionality, you can still use the previous version. I'm planning to add new services. It's very basic (even more basic than the previous version). Just start, stop or continue. No more delete, no more cache bullshit. There's some ideas in the queue like enable/disable tags (or choose a default one), but nothing done yet. I use the workflow daily and it works fine (for me). If it does help you, enjoy! GitHub: https://github.com/godbout/alfred-time/releases Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/alfred-time-v2
  3. I'd like to present my second crumby workflow: Toggl Time Tracking v0.6 So far it is a WIP but has the following features: Set your API token like so tgl token <INSERT_TOKEN_HERE> Start a new timer (also ends previous timer): ts <SOME_DESCRIPTION> tgl start <SOME_DESCRIPTION> Continue and old timer: tgl timers Stop The current running timer [Any timer started from any client!] tgl stop I have also added a hot key to quick set the text to the current text selection. Features to come: Possibly set Workspace, project, or task as well as tagsAny and all suggestions are welcome. (Even the "you suck"s, its refreshing to hear anything) EDIT: Fixed some bugs. Times were displaying wrong. Dont need to stop previous timer manually. Toggle API Takes care of it. EDIT 2: Rewritten with a script filter and removed some unnecessary bloat. EDIT 3: Added previous timer support http://d.pr/f/fKZq
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