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Found 20 results

  1. Hi, I was a bit tired of handling all my bluetooth devices manually, and couldn't find any cover-all bluetooth workflows out there, so I made this one. Features: Turn on/off/toggle bluetooth Connect to device from list of paired bluetooth devices Set favorite device for quick access User friendly notifications for all actions Dependencies (see README on git repo): Blueutil Python3 Feel free to give me feedback, and report bugs if you find any. Github: https://github.com/vegardinho/alfred_bluetooth_controller Download: https://github.com/vegardinho/alfred_bluetooth_controller/releases/latest Cheers, Vegard
  2. Toggles behavior of function keys between standard and special features (e.g., volume, play/pause), as described here. Specifically, accomplishes the following when keyword "fn toggle" is entered: Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu. From the View menu choose Keyboard (or Keyboard & Mouse in Mac OS X v10.5.8 and earlier). Check / uncheck "Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys" (Note: when checked, requires holding the fn key to press standard function keys, when unchecked, does not require holding the fn key to press standard function keys) Download workflow
  3. This is a simple workflow which basically starts and quits a bunch of Applications at once (can also be used to toggle single applications) It is easily customizable so you can delete the applications you don't use or add those you do. The idea is inspired by Dropbox Toggler by rosenkrieger. Please look into the Readme for credits and further instructions. Usage: a cloud - activates all applications q cloud - quits all applications t droplr - toggles droplr t db - toggles Dropbox t gd - toggles Google Drive Download: http://d.pr/f/vPqr Please note that this is my first workflow and I don't have much practice with Applescript. Feel free to change or improve this workflow.
  4. Hello! I previously used some apps that helped hide the visibility of the macOS desktop but wanted to take on creating an Alfred workflow that would do the work for me. All of the existing workflows I found relied on typing out commands to explicitly state if you wanted to show or hide the desktop icons. I think that's silly. Instead, this workflow first looks up whether the desktop is currently hidden, and then uses that data to do the opposite. No typing out explicit commands, just use the same keyboard shortcut to toggle the desktop on and off. Easy peasy. The recommended mapping is: command + . This hot key doesn’t conflict with system defaults and also logically mirrors the hot key for showing and hiding hidden files in the Finder (command + shift + .) The hotkey can easily be set by editing the workflow in the Alfred preferences UI. Grab it from Github or Packal. https://github.com/andrew-boyd/alfred-hide-desktop-toggle http://www.packal.org/workflow/hide-desktop-toggle Hope you enjoy!
  5. Hi I've tried some of the f.lux workflows posted on here. They don't seem to really work for me. Does anyone know of a workflow to toggle f.lux on and off that actually works? Thanks!
  6. I am trying to create a workflow that would let me do the following after hitting a keyboard shortcut : - Launch one specific .xlsb file with macros - If the this file is already opened, toggle visibility for the file. The thing is this file has macros. So, every time I hit my keyboard shortcut, Excel closes my file (without asking me if I want to save it), then opens a window where I have to select between "Enable Macros", "Do Not Open","Disable Macros". As I want to enable the macros I have to use my trackpad to select "Enable Macros". Then opens my file. At last! It would be cool if there was a way to toggle visibility for Excel files with macros the same way we can toggle visibility for applications.
  7. Hi Does any know of a workflow to toggle Tunnelbear on/off? Thanks!
  8. This is a feature request for Alfred REMOTE. Area Pages > Dragging Apps directly to Remote pages. Hello... I know that when you drag an App you have the option (on double clicking on Remote > Page > App) to "Toggle Visibility". It's very nice but Show/Hide is not "on/off." Can we have an option to also "Toggle the App Run State"...? Real "on/off"...? Yes, in English I want to toggle whether the App is "ON" (launched, running) or "OFF" (quit) Yes, I know I can do this by making involved workflows and using a toggle script like this one, but on a per-App basis this gets a bit tedious. Every App I've dragged into on this remote page I'd like to be able to toggle ON-OFF... not just "hide"... Thank you for reading, as always....
  9. I'm sure there are a few of these out there already, but in the essence of personal growth, I wrote my own Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggling workflows. Thought I would share with the rest of the world, as I hope someone else finds my stuff useful. Apologies ahead of time, I currently am not taking any requests for enhancements, unless I will actually be using them myself. Having said that, please feel free to fork and make it your own. Toggle Wi-Fi.alfredworkflow | GitHub Page Toggle Bluetooth.alfredworkflow (requires `blueutil` to work properly. To install, run `brew install blueutil`) | GitHub Page
  10. Here's a little workflow for toggling bluetooth and wifi. Basic usage: bt - toggle bluetooth, see status bluetooth - toggle bluetooth wifi - toggle wifi Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xcka1l6pxt8ibsn/BT%20%26%20Wifi%20Toggle.alfredworkflow (as of 08/03/2014) Important update: The latest version of this workflow uses a new (unofficial) version of blueutil which is a copy of the original source code, only rewritten and compiled (by me) for the latest OS X, that is for the OS X 10.10 beta, too. I am a little worried that by having it compiled for the beta, it won't work for 10.9 and lower but I hope there won't be a problem. If there is, please tell me and I will release a version with the original blueutil. Using: custom version of blueutil (http://www.frederikseiffert.de/blueutil/)
  11. Is there anybody who created a workflow that connects to registered bluetooth devices?
  12. This is a workflow that uses keyword: 'hc'. It will enable/disable your Hot Corners preference as a toggle. Important Note You will need to change the script in two ways Change values in the theSavedValues so that it will set up as your own choice of Hot Corners. Change to your language on click button "Aktiva hörn…" to for example click button "Hot Corners…" I use it for fullscreen gaming. I have only put the workflow together, the script was made by Pierre L. at https://discussions.apple.com/message/23824901#23824901. Download Near future improvements Only one script, that toggles on and off depending on current state. Done in the second version. 2013-07-22 First version uploaded. 2013-12-02 Second version uploaded. Compatible with OS X Mavericks Now works as a toggle instead off on and off.
  13. I've seen a couple of similar topics, but anyway... I have created a little workflow/script to toggle Finder visibility with taking into account whether Finder is active with no windows, not active at all and when active with windows open, it hides it. Overall, this is fixes all my problems with the previous solution of toggling applications (in V1 "Hide Application if already visible") and so far works perfectly. Here it is: http://alfredrepo.tom-hunt.co.uk/wf/com.petrmanas.togglefinder (AlfPT)
  14. Hi, I just made a simple workflow to toggle my Jambox on/off. I am not a software developer, so this might not be the cleanest/nicest/most efficient solution, I just decided to give it a try since I couldn't find any workflow that did this. It's quite simple, call Alfred and use the keyword "jambox" to toggle between the default speakers and the Jambox. The keyword calls an Applescript that will toggle the sound output between the "internal speakers" and the Jambox. You'll have to edit the script and change the bluetooth_speaker and default_speaker to the name of your sound outputs. The variables have to be called exactly as you see them in the Sound Preferences, in this case: "Internal Speakers" and "BIG JAMBOX by Jawbone Stereo" I've only tested it in Mountain Lion, I don't know if the Sound preferences are different in other OS X versions. Download the workflow (45kb)
  15. Hi there, I'm new to this forum, hopefully I find some useful workflows over here. I've made a workflow to enable/disable the Notificationcenter on Mountain Lion. I hope someone can use it. http://cl.ly/3o043A3h3A1q
  16. Update: In case anyone is reading this old thread, go ahead and look at the Caffeinate Control Workflow instead. Here's the forum link. --- Here's an applescript to toggle Caffeine. I'll setup a github repository for it later and post a link, but for now: tell application "Caffeine" if active then turn off set status to "deactivated." else turn on set status to "activated." end if set output to "Caffeine has been " & status return output end tell
  17. Hello everyone, I created a workflow to toggle iTunes iOS device backup. Those backups often take far too much time and space and are unneeded for most of my syncs. This is my first attempt at coding anything other than java so please forgive my crude use of code. The iTunes process will automatically be killed and then restarted so make sure you're not using it for anything important before running the workflow. Please let me know if you find it useful - George Download here: http://drgg.cc/f20P
  18. Using keyword "caffeinetoggle" and output in Notifications Center. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5701386/Toggle%20Caffeine.alfredworkflow
  19. Workflow to toggle the {selected file(s)} extension visibility. Bound to a hotkey CONTROL+SHIFT+E, but you can modify it to your preference. USAGE: Select a file or some files in Finder and hit "CONTROL+SHIFT+E." If no file is selected, a dialog pops up, and it disappears in 5 seconds if you do not want to click "OK" REASON: I have a video folder set up in Finder to display my movies with Cover Art and Info of the video. I wanted to display JUST the filename of the video and not the extension, so I came up with this. Full disclosure is in the readme of the workflow. DOWNLOAD
  20. I'm new and still learning my way around with the new Alfred workflows. I do a lot of presentations from my MBP to external displays via Airplay. Always it is a pain to have to wither go to the menubar or the system settings to toggle airplay mirroring on/off. Is there a way to make a workflow that will toggle the airplay mirroring on/off? Any help would be appreciated.
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