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Found 5 results

  1. 17Track (a package tracking workflow) Description The workflow can be used to search for a tracking code and check the progress of your deliveries. It's easy to use, you can search for a tracking code using the keyword track <code to search>. Then a list with the following informations about the results will appear: Delivery status Date [Location of the package] (Not always known) When you open one result, by pressing Enter on it, the google translation link will be opened. Note that the workflow tries to obtain the status in the language of the destination country, but this is not always possibile. With the ⌥ modifier the delivery status will be copied to clipboard. With the ⌘ modifier the tracking url will be copied to clipboard, so you can share it easily. You can also use the hotkey <⌘>+<⌥>+<T> to use the selected text as input. Look at the screenshots and the animated gif below. UPDATE v1.1 In the new version you can easily save, load and delete tracking code from a Bookmark list (also called saved list in the Workflow). You can use these features with the following queries: track <tracking code> The first entry is used to bookmark (save) a package. A name to associate will be asked. track load Show the list with the last information (last time you used a track command on that item) track del [keyword] Show the bookmark list, press enter to delete an item. Brief video to show bookmark list handling: https://youtu.be/whXgJ7FuYo4 ---------------------------------------------- State Author Emanuele Munafò Version 1.1 Last release 31/07/2016 Email ema.muna95@gmail.com Compatibility: Alfred v3 ( or higher) Alfred 2 was NOT tested (but for sure you can't use the selected text feature). ---------------------------------------------- Changelog and update Added Bookmark list to track package easily. [31/07/2016] First release [30/07/2016] ---------------------------------------------- Screenshots ---------------------------------------------- Download Click here to download from Packet ---------------------------------------------- Thanks: 17track.net kamushadenes (https://github.com/kamushadenes/17tracker) Who did the dirty work. Deanishe (alfred-workflow) ---------------------------------------------- Bug You can contact me here or by email if there is something wrong with the workflow. You cannot contact me asking to add more carriers because the workflow use the 17track.net service. Known: Slow for some tracking code (just the first time). Some times (during my test very rarely) it fails, but retrying it works. ---------------------------------------------- Todo Saving tracking code and check for update daily with a user notify function. Improve algorithm, the first search can be very slowly. ----------------------------------------------
  2. I've rewritten my Alfred-Time workflow so that it's more easily extensible, and better tested. Currently it works with the Toggl and Harvest services. You can start, stop, or continue a timer, choose a project and a tag if necessary. With version 2.0 it's one service or the other though. The previous version allowed to use both services at the same time. I personally don't use that anymore, and it was a pain to maintain. If you still need that functionality, you can still use the previous version. I'm planning to add new services. It's very basic (even more basic than the previous version). Just start, stop or continue. No more delete, no more cache bullshit. There's some ideas in the queue like enable/disable tags (or choose a default one), but nothing done yet. I use the workflow daily and it works fine (for me). If it does help you, enjoy! GitHub: https://github.com/godbout/alfred-time/releases Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/alfred-time-v2
  3. Hey Fellow Alfred Builders.... This workflow provides a simple integration app for Word Counter. With a keyword, you can display your latest word counts from previous days and months. Word Counter is a tool that runs in the background and tracks how many words you type per hour on a configured list of programs. Data is saved locally. Been using Alfred for several months and thought I'd work on my python coding by building this. Looking to add more features as I better understand how to interact with Alfred. You can download it from http://www.packal.org/workflow/word-counter-app or check out the code on https://github.com/markwk/alfred-workflow-wordcounterapp. Feedback, comments, bug reports and issues are welcome!
  4. Hi all, I often track numeric values (e.g. weight, hours worked), or strings (e.g. food items etc), in a spreadsheet or Evernote, often multiple times a day. It would be great to use alfred to quickly do that. A great workflow would have a [keyword] [value] syntax, so that a [value] (plus maybe a timestamp) would be appended to a google spreadsheet (or Evernote note) specified by [keyword]. For example, entering "hours 5" in Alfred would result in appending the value 5 and corresponding timestamp to a google spreadsheet named "Hours Worked". Has anybody thought of something like that? Thanks! Giovanni
  5. Hello, Enjoy Download: http://db.tt/8knnaJcO UPDATE 1.2.1: Bug fixes: - Data fetching was broken for different status flags. *CRITICAL* (So sorry! Probably the Workflow wasn't working properly to many of you, because of this typo) UPDATE 1.2: Changes: - Now it stores your tracking number without having to activate "More Info and Actions". UPDATE 1.1: New Features: - Clear command to remove all recently tracked numbers - Clear confirmation dialog so you won't clear by mistake UPDATE 1.0: New Features: - Autocomplete from Recents - Status, Location and most recent details Changes: - Now you can only use Option and CTRL keys with 'More Info and Actions' - Changed data source from Packagetrackr to Faranow. Basically same people, but newer system. UPDATE 0.5: New Features: - Stores 5 tracking numbers (adjustable in code) - Copy To Clipboard recent tracking numbers - Remove tracking numbers from storage Enjoy And please, give me suggestions!
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