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Found 6 results

  1. Usage Type rr <start> to <destination> in Alfred to find route options. Get Autocomplete suggestions as you type. The search results are displayed one route at a time. Hit Tab key to cycle through all available routes. The first item is the route description, and you can select that option to view full details on the rome2rio web site, or press the Shift key for a preview The items that follow make up the various stops and segments of the trip - press Shift to get a map displayed highlighting the start and end points of each sgement. To reset your search, hit Cmd + Enter on a route description. Or just type rr <start> to <destination> again to begin a new search Download Download from here Notes Powered by rome2rio.com API v1.2 Requires Python 2.x and an active Internet connection If you want to disable autocomplete, open the workflow's script filter node, and change the command to --query from --query-autocomplete (more notes inside the script filter)
  2. A small Alfred 3 workflow to show departures of Munich (Germany) public transportation Download Workflow: MVV-Abfahrtsmonitor 0.1 Source Code: Github Usage Type in mvv, search for station by name and press enter. Departures are shown and can be filtered further. The project's README has a detailed German description of the workflow.
  3. I've created a handy workflow a while ago and I want it to share with you. What it does: You type travel in Alfred followed by your destination (City, Country, Region) and it will open up travel related websites like Wikitravel, Google Maps, Tripadvisor and so on. DOWNLOAD LINK Feedback and suggestions are appreciated. Maybe we can improve this workflow together.
  4. Hi there, I am very new to alfred and I needed a google map workflow. based on Derick Fay's Rome2Rio workflow, I adapted it for gmap. That's a very quick one so maybe you could improve it basically just type : gmap <starting point> : set your starting point then it pops up for a destination And there you go feel free to do anything you want to improve it hope this helps DOWNLOAD : https://www.dropbox.com/s/2bl2ue4zh0lka5v/Google%20Maps.alfredworkflow
  5. Any workflows out there that that could map directions using say, google or bing maps with from, to and via operators? Google Earth? Would be great to take to next level by say, using rome2rio.com where transport etc. become part of the picture. eg "From Milan to Charleston via London on April 20 2013" (rome2rio lists flights, trains, buses etc.) With Alfred as a front-ens....zounds!!
  6. A basic, two-step workflow to search Rome2Rio. Based on David Ferguson's "Using Script Filters." Could probably be converted to a one-step version with delimiters by someone who knew php using David's model. Rome2Rio.alfredworkflow
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