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Found 13 results

  1. Is there a workflow I can create that would allow me to start and stop a stopwatch/timer? I use Apimac Timer but would like to be able to just initiate Alfred instead of searching for the app and mouse-clicking the start button.
  2. I want to run a workflow when something is getting copied into the clipboard. If the clipboard content matches a certain pattern I want to open a URL. Is this possible at all? To me it seems I need a keyboard trigger that then inspects the clipboard. Which isn't quite as automated as I wished. cheers, Torsten
  3. In Alfred 3 there are automatically expanded snippets by keywords. They are awesome and work almost flawlessly after enabling the appropriate accessibility feature. As I understand, as you already have the code for detecting those keywords (I guess, by catching the consecutive key presses?), it shouldn't be hard to allowing using those keywords to trigger workflow actions. This would allow us to call workflows from any textual input. So, instead of at first calling Alfred or a specific command here, you could just write the keyword for this command and alfred would either call the action or present you with the alfred input window for your workflow. After calling the workflow the keyword should be deleted from the input, and you should have a way to replace it with the workflow's result. That's the basic what could be done with catching the keywords, but what would be even cooler — catching non-static keywords by regexps. Instead of a static keyword like `foobar`, you could set it to `foo(\d+)bar`, for example, and it would call the workflow as soon as you'd write somewhere `foo1bar`, `foo3434bar` etc., with the variable parts of the regex match as input you could use in your workflow. This would open a lot of possibilities for workflow authors.
  4. Snippet trigger objects in workflow seem to always being registered for expansion even if the workflow is not set as Enabled since they work all the time (the workflow is activated/run when writing the Snippet keyword if the workflow is enabled or not). Using: Alfred 3.5 Pre-Release - Build 871 ------------------ After some testing, Alfred seems to register/unregister the snippets at startup. I mean, if I disable a workflow that have a snippet trigger in it, the workflow will keep working until I restart Alfred. Same thing if I want to enable a workflow, if I enable a workflow that was disabled, I need to restart Alfred to really enable it.
  5. Hey there, I want a workflow that automatically cleans up links in my clipboard (for example, strip the "type=3&theater" from facebook links). For that, I would like to have my Alfred workflow to trigger whenever I update my clipboard, so that I can follow the logic after. How do I achieve that? Thank you already
  6. Hello, I've been trying to change the Alfred hotkey to toggle using shift+w for a couple of hours with no success. I am used to toggle Dash using shift+q so I don't think it is a limitation of OSX but in Alfred itself. Is there any workaround I can do, perhaps edit configuration files or something like that? Thanks
  7. I'm building my custom workflow to run TeamCity application. What trouble me is that I configure the keyword trigger with keyword "teamcity", and type it in the search bar. This workflow appears but not be triggered after I hint Enter. As pic-1 shows. pic-1 The more detail show in pic-2, pic-3. pic-2 pic-3 The 3rd-party workflow I added is ok to trigger by keyword. I also try to add a "keyword to command line" template, and did not work as well. Looking forward to your suggestion~ Thx
  8. This is pretty self-explanatory. My suggestion is that a new trigger object is added for workflows which triggers at the specified time, perhaps with a day/date component as well, and passes the date through to the workflow.
  9. With workflows, I can add multiple triggers to a single action. So, for example, I can launch an app using two different keyboard shortcuts. With Clipboard History/Snippets, the keyboard shortcut choice is sort of baked into Alfred in the "Viewer Hotkey" field under Clipboard. Is it possible to assign a second keyboard shortcut to that action? Thanks, Pat
  10. I have workflows that I'd like to start at a specific time of day (and on specific days).I know I can schedule these with LaunchD, but that is too complex for casual users.
  11. Hello! I'm new to alfred and I'm trying to create hotkeys to launch the apps that I'm frequently using. I know that it can be done using alfred's workflows, but I don't like my hotkeys to be global. Instead, I want the hotkey's scope to be limited to alfred. In quicksilver, I can do this by setting up a trigger, binding it to a hotkey, and limiting it's scope to only quicksilver. For example, I set opt-r to open chrome, but I actually have to press opt-space first to activate quicksilver and then opt-r to open chrome. This allows me to define hotkeys without worrying whether it would clobber another app's existing keybindings. Is it also possible in alfred?
  12. Hi, I have created a Workflow that should control the iTunes Volumes by hitting FN + F1 (normal Volume Keys). Now when I hit FN + F11 multiple times fast (what you do when you try to change volume) the Alfred window gets opened. The action works. Additionally: I could not assign the Keys I originally wanted. I controll all iTunes Actions with CMD + ALT + "AnyKey" – but CMD + ALT + F11 does not work, also CMD + F11 does not work... Kind regards, keep up your great work, I love Alfred! Noël
  13. Hey, I was just wondering if it may be possible to get an "On Open" trigger. While I have in mind when alfred opens...do this, it could potentially be extended to when application X is opened, do Y. Just a thought but it might be confusing. I just figure there has to be a better way to run a workflow automatically when alfred begins (such as open all applications you would use in a normal work day) I understand if this isn't something you want to add but at least for me I thought it would be helpful.
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