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Found 5 results

  1. Just released a new workflow that makes it easy to search your tweets and people you follow (and more) called the Twitter Toolkit. It supports the web, Twitter for Mac, and Tweetbot. AlfredTweet is far more powerful, so if you're wanting to tweet from Alfred, that's a better solution for you.
  2. Hello, I quickly put together a workflow for controlling Tweetbot which I wanted to share The workflow uses the Tweetbot URL scheme. Currently, the following commands are supported. Parameters in brackets are optional and parameters in square brackets are required. When an account name can be specified and none is specified, the current account will be used. t (message) Posts a new tweet. tt (account name) Shows the timeline of specified account. tu [screen name] Shows the user profile of the user with the specified screen name. tmm (account name) Shows the mentions for the specified account. (Note: This command is ‘tmm’ because by default OS X will replace ‘tm’ with ™) tr (account name) Shows the retweets which appears in the accounts timeline. tdm (account name) Shows the direct messages that the account has received. tl (account name) Shows the lists that the account owns. tf (account name) Shows the tweets the account has marked as favorited. ts (account name) Searches using the specified account. (Note: Sadly this doesn’t seem to work with the ‘query’ parameter on OS X) tfo [screen name] Follows the user with the specified screen name. tun [screen name] Unfollows the user with the specified screen name. You can download it by following this link or grab the source code at GitHub.
  3. Here's a workflow that takes a twitter url from the clipboard and opens it in Tweetbot. If the url doesn't start with http(s)://twitter.com, the workflow doesn't go forward. So this won't work with short url's like t.co, is.gd, etc, but you could use an Alfred workflow that expands short urls to then open a resulting twitter link in Tweetbot. Suggestions welcome. Please bear in mind that I really don't know how to program, and just cobbled this together. Workflow is here: https://github.com/paulrudy/alfred-open-in-tweetbot
  4. I know this is very basic, but I am trying to solve a simple problem. I also don't code. I'm just trying to use tweetbot's URL scheme to create a new tweet in tweetbot with a custom search. I'm using this URL: tweetbot://<screenname>/post?text={query} Encode query using UTF8 is checked. It functions but it places the tweetbot window at the bottom the bottom my tweetbot timeline. I'm guessing this is how tweetbot issue, but i'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions. Thanks! Michael
  5. I do a lot of support via Twitter and several times a day I'll have to send tweets with more than 140 characters. I've allways been using Twitlonger to tweet more than 140 characters in one tweet, but it's time consuming. My solution ain't pretty, but it works! Dependecies and how to use: - You must be signed in at Twitlonger.com before using this workflow. Write the tweet in Tweetbot's tweet window as normal, but with as many characters you want to use. The next step is to activate this workflow by keyboard shortcut or keyword. The tweet will be posted at Twitlonger.com... Download Tweetbot2Twitlonger
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