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Found 13 results

  1. Here are 18 new themes inspired by Twitter's new typeface, Chirp! Download Chirp Themes You'll need to obtain Chirp yourself, since I can't distribute the font. I, did, however, include variants of the themes that will use the GT America Trial font (which is what Chirp is based on) if it's installed. You can download GT America Trial here.
  2. Just released a new workflow that makes it easy to search your tweets and people you follow (and more) called the Twitter Toolkit. It supports the web, Twitter for Mac, and Tweetbot. AlfredTweet is far more powerful, so if you're wanting to tweet from Alfred, that's a better solution for you.
  3. I created this workflow because the other twitter workflows i found just were not cutting it. this uses a python script that calls on the tweepy library. you will need a set of twitter dev keys. https://github.com/afcbrandon/alfred-tweepy
  4. I'd like to add more robust DM support to my Twitter Toolkit for Alfred workflow. I've come up with a basic flow for how I think it could be achieved but would love your guidance and help on how to go about implementing it, since I'm not a developer: Authenticate a local Twitter client to get one's followee list; store the list containing IDs, usernames, and display names Load this list as a CSV into a List Filter Use dm to access type-to-suggest completion using that List Filter in Alfred's UI Upon actioning, open the URL prefilled with https://twitter.com/messages/{var:userId}-{query} (where query is the user ID of the recipient) If a space is typed after the username, use that text to prefill message text The basic user-facing flow would be: Type `dm ` Starting typing usernames to initiate autocomplete Choose the desired recipient from the list Type the text of your message Action in order to open a URL prefilled with the recipient ID and your type message. Thoughts?
  5. I built the Twitter Toolkit Workflow largely to make it easy for me to quickly access Twitter's features on the web or in the native desktop app. I intend to add support for TweetBot. Ultimately it seems like I'm going to end up with a matrix of output URLs (https://, twitter://, and tweetbot://) that receive the user's query, and will be opened in the desired platform based on the Workflow `platform` variable. I'm not a programmer, so plan to build my workflow visually, but it seems inefficient to add conditionals to each keyword to support each platform. Is there a more efficient way to go about building and maintaining this Workflow without code? For example, there are a bunch of previously web-only outputs that are now supported in the Twitter for Mac client, and when I add them to the workflow, it seems like adding conditionals for each platform is the wrong/least efficient way to do this. Thanks.
  6. It's relatively minor, but I notice it given how often I use the built-in Twitter Web Search... but the icon is using the wrong color Tweetie bird!
  7. Hi! I was a happy user of AlfredTweet in V.1, seems it hasnĀ“t developed in version 2. If somebody knows a way to do a workflow I would be very pleased. Thanks!
  8. A workflow to search Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. https://github.com/o3jvind/Search-Social-Media It'll open a window where you can choose in which area to search for your query. You can select one or as many as you want with "CMD or SHIFT" And they'll will open in different tabs of your favourite browser. HAPPY SEARCHING
  9. Here's a workflow that takes a twitter url from the clipboard and opens it in Tweetbot. If the url doesn't start with http(s)://twitter.com, the workflow doesn't go forward. So this won't work with short url's like t.co, is.gd, etc, but you could use an Alfred workflow that expands short urls to then open a resulting twitter link in Tweetbot. Suggestions welcome. Please bear in mind that I really don't know how to program, and just cobbled this together. Workflow is here: https://github.com/paulrudy/alfred-open-in-tweetbot
  10. I recently turned on twitter's 2 factor authentication....and simultaneously updated to 10.10.5 Now the Alfred2 Twitter workflow no longer works... Does anyone know if the 2 factor authentication breaks this workflow? and if so is there a work around? Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks.
  11. I do a lot of support via Twitter and several times a day I'll have to send tweets with more than 140 characters. I've allways been using Twitlonger to tweet more than 140 characters in one tweet, but it's time consuming. My solution ain't pretty, but it works! Dependecies and how to use: - You must be signed in at Twitlonger.com before using this workflow. Write the tweet in Tweetbot's tweet window as normal, but with as many characters you want to use. The next step is to activate this workflow by keyboard shortcut or keyword. The tweet will be posted at Twitlonger.com... Download Tweetbot2Twitlonger
  12. TweetSafariTitleURL This Alfred workflow uses the implemented share function in Mac OS X ( 10.7 => ), and automatically adds the title of the frontmost webpage in Safari to the textbox. Works with both Facebook and Twitter in the latest version. The workflow includes 4 different shortcuts - two of them will share the webpage to Twitter or Facebook with the (article) title included. And two workflows will just let you activate the share to Twitter/Facbook function with a keyboard shortcut, no title included. Dependencies Mac OS X Language must be Norwegian or English (if you want your language supported, contact me). Mac OS 10.7 or later Download TweetSafariTitleURL New update - added Facebook sharing - New name (ShareSafari - Title & URL)
  13. This workflow allows you to tweet from Alfred2 via the `tweet` keyword. Hope you guys find it useful. Download and instructions: http://sakr.me/829
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