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Found 5 results

  1. Brief Instructions: 1. Import it. 2. Set snippet. 3. Use it with keyword to copy URI link to clipboard and paste where you want, or with snippet in your text editor. Support Applications: OmniOutliner,OmniFocus,Evernote(Chinese users: Yinxiang Biji),Mail,Finder, Safari Web Donwload: Web:huhesper/KW-URI-Everywhere Detail instructions: Web:URI Alfred Workflow Everywhere – Knowledge Work Tool
  2. I would like to use Alfred to create a task with Things 3 and a linked note with Ulysses. For example the input would ideally be the task name such as "Write about presentation from earlier today". This would create a things task with a ulysses callback URL that one could click on and go straight to the note. Does anyone know of a workflow that accomplishes this? If not what would be the best way to start creating my first workflow from scratch? Thanks!
  3. Here's what I'm trying to do: I frequently capture information and store it in Ulysses for research on writing projects. I typically copy/paste it into Ulysses in the appropriate group. I created a workflow to automate this via Alfred. The workflow takes the contents of the clipboard and passes it to an Openurl to use Ulysses x-callback-url to add a new sheet. So far, so good. Frequently I copy/paste content that is online, and I want to keep the url of the content for later research. In order to automate this as much as possible, I used clipboard history. I copy the url, then copy the content, then insert it into Ulysses. In order to automate this completely, I modified my workflow so that it checks the chipboard history and if {clipboard:1} is a url, it combines that url with the content on the current clipboard and then passes it to Ulysses. I used an AppleScript to do this by storing the clipboard and previous item from clipboard history into a variable, loading those variables in AppleScript and then creating a new string. Here's the problem: when I do this something is wrong with the encoding of the string and I get strange characters in it. For example, apostrophes become Äô. Text passed through the workflow fine until I added this AppleScript. I don't know if the problem is when the AppleScript loads the variables using system attribute or if the problem is when it returns the string. I've included the AppleScript below to show what is does. Does anyone know how to get the AppleScript to encode the text properly? I tried using Run NSApplescript instead. It seems to properly encode the text, but the problem is that I cannot find a way to pass the clipboard contents since it doesn't read workflow variables and as far as I know, can't access the clipboard history. If an NSApplescript action could access the clipboard that would be an ideal solution. on run argv set theQuery to item 1 of argv set cbCurrent to (system attribute "cb_current") set cbPast to (system attribute "cb_past") set httpPrefix to "http" set newQuery to theQuery if cbPast starts with httpPrefix then set newQuery to theQuery & "\n" & "%% Source: " & cbPast & "\n" & cbCurrent else set newQuery to theQuery & "\n" & cbCurrent end if return newQuery end run
  4. Hi everyone! I sometimes use Ulysses app and I'd like to be able to create another sheet from any other app I would be working in as I can do with DevonThink. How could I do that? Thanks for your help.
  5. I made a workflow to search the Ulysses database for the new Ulysses III. This feature is missing from the app itself (for now) so I put together this workflow to get around that. The workflow simply adds search scopes for Ulysses' "sheet" and "group" filetypes. As a bonus, there's also an "Open in Ulysses" File Action included with the workflow. It works on .txt and .rtf documents, which will come into Ulysses parsed as Markdown. Read more on my site or download Search Ulysses 3.alfredworkflow now.
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