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Found 2 results

  1. Note: This workflow is no longer maintained. This is a really simple workflow that performs unit conversions. Conversion commands look like: u {value} {in units} > {out units} You can include a space after the u keyword, but it's not required. Units can generally be abbreviated or not, as long as the input is unambiguous. Here are some valid commands: u 5km > miles u 5km > mi u5km>mi You can also do unit math (again, spaces are generally optional): u 1cm * 1in u 1in^2 / 2mm^2 u1cm+2.5in-3mm>ft Just remember that units matter. You won't get any output if you try to do something like 1cm * 1in > in, because multiplying two lengths gives an area (like in^2). The calculator is called as you type, so it'll give you an answer whenever you type a query it can process. Actioning the result will copy the value (just the number) to the clipboard. That's it! Well, there are also a couple options you can configure. You can open the configuration file with the command u>. The options are: "separator" - what separator to use between the input value and output units "precision" - how many decimal digits to include in the output (set to null for unlimited) More info and source is available here. Download Update 2014/05/22: You can now use a space between a number and its units (e.g., "5 km" in addition to "5km"). Update 2014/02/06: Unit math is back! Update 2013/12/07: Add output precision option (see above) Update 2013/12/01 (again): Bug fix Update 2013/12/01: Added support for using "space" as the unit separator, so you can do queries like "1mile km". Update 2013/11/30: Added Euros to the currency list. I also added a couple extra commands, accessible with the 'u>' command, Update 2013/11/29: Currency conversion is back. Update 2013/11/25: At last, I pushed out an update that should have this back up and running. It's using a local library now, so it's faster and not subject to the whims of Google. Sorry it took so long. Update 2013/11/5: Google shutdown the API this workflow was using on November 1, so it's broken until I switch it to something else. Sorry about that. I'll have it back up and running in a day or two. Update 2013/10/11: Bugfix Update 2013/8/14: It should now work with Snow Leopard (Python 2.6). Update 2013/8/13: Now with Alleyoop support!
  2. Hi, I created a simple Alfred workflow for units and currencies converter. The units converter only calculate locally so it's very fast. For the currencies converter, I use the free API http://rate-exchange.appspot.com/, because of the quota limit, sometimes it might not work Here are some screenshots: I'm quite new to Alfred Workflow development so if you see something not good, please tell me know Download the workflow at: https://github.com/vinh0604/alfred-awesome-units-converter Thank you.
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