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Found 5 results

  1. Like @andy4222, I'm a big fan of TextBuddy. I would like to be able to select some text, invoke Alfred's Universal Actions, then choose from the menu of available options supported by TextBuddy. More details: like many apps, TextBuddy has its own simply command palette: I've been in touch w/ the developer and we're interested in hooking up Alfred Universal Actions to these actions (e.g. having TextBuddy do the processing, possibly headlessly). @dfay's CaseConverter Workflow offers Text Actions: ...which implies that a TextBuddy Workflow would need to enumerate all of its Text Actions in order for Alfred to list them: — but I'm presuming that there might be a way for TextBuddy to generate a JSON List Filter or something like that would automate and keep-up-to-date that list of commands as they evolve in each app update. My question is really to support Tyler building a deeper integration with Alfred. Are there tips or best practices for app devs to advertise their services to Alfred's UA engine? Thanks!
  2. 'elloes! It seems that as of Monterey, if I have the Quick Look window 'focused', pressing my Universal Action selection hotkey activates ⌘C instead. It used to work correctly on Big Sur. Specific steps for the issue I run into: select something in Finder press Space Bar (Quick Look shows up; issue occurs with ⌘Y as well) press the Universal Action selection hotkey → Finder selection gets copied to clipboard (Edit menu highlights, and if it's open – the Copy action highlights) Things I've tried/checked: if while the Quick Look window is open I click on the file in Finder, it works as expected – the file is actioned changing the selection hotkey – doesn't change the wonky behavior, the same issue occurs regardless on what shortcut I've set removing and re-adding Alfred in the permissions preferences (restarted Alfred) – no change close any other apps that might conflict checked the macOS keyboard shortcuts for anything that might conflict, and found nothing I don't have set any keyboard shortcuts in my workflows While searching around on the matter, I've seen it mentioned that Alfred sends ⌘C to get the current selection, which lines up with the bit where the issue occurs regardless of the keyboard shortcut I set for Universal Action selection. Is there anything else I can do to attempt to get to the bottom of this? I can imagine that this is a macOS issue, especially with it appearing after the upgrade, but I would appreciate a confirmation if that's the case. And a workaround would be a wonderful bonus. 😅
  3. Hi everyone, so Alfred’s Universal Actions feature has been out for the last few months. How have y’all been using it? Share your workflows For me: I use it to open save snippet, without having to go into Alfred preferences I use it to perform text operations, like uppercase, lower case, json format, remove special chars, etc. Search things in a non-default browser Open file/folder with specific apps like VS Code etc Copying file paths or opening terminal in specific directory
  4. For example, I want see dimension of picture like 1200x800; it would be better if action panel content can be customized. I hope creator can consider the feat request. @Vero Hope you can consider this request. Most of the time, I want to visualize the dimension of the image.
  5. To be honest, I don't understand how I can use universal action in scriptfilter. I read below documents several times, https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/inputs/script-filter/json/ https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/universal-actions/ and I understand universal action is how powerful feature. but unfortunately, I don't get how can I use universal action in scriptfilter. I added 'action' to my script, nothing changed. By any chance, Is there a workflow example developed with 'action'? I'd appreciate it if anyone could help me understand this.
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