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  1. library in Swift to ease the integration of updates from within Alfred. the API is basically four (3+1, or 2+2 if you prefer) methods: 1. check if an update is available (compares latest version on GitHub release VS the version of your local Workflow): if let release = Updater.checkUpdate(for: "godbout/AlfredKat") { // release.version, release.file, release.page available } 2. launch the update Updater.update(with: release.file) 3. notify (useful before launching at it is blocking) Updater.notify(title: "Alfred K
  2. Flow: A Minimal Project Management Workflow Flow is an Alfred workflow that provides a File Action for quick project management processes written in Bash. It's a minimal solution for tasks and project management that stays out of your way so you can stay focused. Version 1.1 Updates 1. More simplicity for the workflow variable declarations. You can now declare your variables with the standard path syntax such as notes=~/Documents/Notes. 2. Also in version 1.1, the tag cli tool is included for those who do not have it installed via homebrew so you do not need to install it.
  3. Alfred 3.4.1 [860] When installing an update for a workflow, Alfred migrates the keyboard shortcut assigned to a Hotkey, but it drops any Related Apps on the floor. For example, I use @vitor's MarkdownBulletin workflow, but I have the Hotkey set to only be active in Safari and Google Chrome. I just installed an update, and Alfred correctly migrated my keyboard shortcut to the newer version, but the Related Apps have disappeared.
  4. I am builing my first workflow that i wan tto make public available. Therefor I need it to have an auto update function, because i want to be able to have extre features implemented in the future. But, I am new to prgramming and github. But found an interesting article about this http://alfredworkflow.readthedocs.io/en/latest/user-manual/update.html But I have no idea where to do this configuration shizzle: Anyone here that knows how to do this and can help me out?
  5. Release notes for 3.3.2 include: > Update Alfred's built toolset on fresh new mini build server, shiny! What does this mean ?
  6. Version of OS X: 10.12.3 (16D32) Version/build of Alfred: v3.3/801 Expected behavior: When checking for updates, be able to connect to remote update server for updates. Actual behavior: Unable to contact update server. Unable to load changelog. Reproduce: 1. Be behind proxy 2. Set `$http_proxy`, `$https_proxy`, `$HTTP_PROXY`, `$HTTPS_PROXY` in environment. 3. Check for updates... Optional: toggle use macOS proxy in network in Alfred -> advanced settings. Try step 3 again. I'd love some guidance on this. FWIW, this worked before upg
  7. In Alfred3, I bought Power Pack. However, Power Pack is not usable because I cannot be connected to update server of Alfred3. I can be connected to update server of Alfred2. This state continues more than one month. What should I do to be connected to update server of Alfred3? I attach screen shot.
  8. Hello, every time when I try to update Alfred 2 (I think since I bought it in March 2013) I get the message "Unable to verify". This bug has followed over with every Mac OS X update and clean install since then. I know about this thread: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/2858-update-fails-with-unable-to-verify-for-every-release/ and I am sure the PHP on my Mac is fine (OS X 10.11.5). $ php -version PHP 5.5.34 (cli) (built: Apr 22 2016 19:16:58) ... $ whereis php /usr/bin/php $ php -r 'echo "Test";' Test The only way to update Alfred seems to be to download a fresh copy
  9. Hello all, I cannot reveal the "Space" reserved for Finder with Alfred anymore, since mac os updade. Here is exactly what I mean, I have been as precise as possible to eliminate possible misunderstandings. Preconditions: -iMac 27 " running mac os "El Capitan" 10.11 (15A284) -Alfred updated in version 2.8 414 -There is at least 4 spaces set up. -Spaces do not "rearange based on most recent used". -Finder is set to be used on space 3 only. -Safari is set to be displayed on space 1 only. - At least 1 Finder window is opened (on space 3) Steps to reproduce : -open Safari
  10. It would be helpful to display the current version in addition to the new version on the update tab in settings. This would tell users how far they need to read in the changelog. Thanks for the awesome application! (I have a vague recollection of Alfred doing this in the past, but I'm not certain.)
  11. Hi guys! I don't know if someone have the same problem, but I can't make Alfred update for 2.6 version. All the times which I try to make update, the software shows the same message: "Unable to find update zip :(" How can I solve this problem? My OS is El Capitan 10.11 Beta (15A262e). []'s
  12. Hello, I am trying to update to the latest version (2.6), the download bar is full and showing 3.7 MB but nothing is happening. If I close and re-open the preferences I get the same thing, it stards downloading, the download bar goes to full and that's it, it's not installing the update or whatever it should do. You can see the screenshot here: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s162/sh/1ac43391-9098-4e58-9188-6a27c50a5900/e1772f5993c2ac2a3064ba6fdff51d77
  13. I am about to release my workflow, http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/5100-regex-run-and-save-regular-expressions/ , onto Packal. The workflow contains a file that contains user data. That is, users can save their own regexs for future use, and those saved regexs are saved in the file. Let's call it MyRegexFile.pl. When I release the next version of my workflow, how can I make it so that user data is not overwritten? * Perhaps there is a special Alfred way to handle updates * Perhaps there is a special Packal way to handle updates * Perhaps the file should be stored elsewhe
  14. I have Pages '09 as my main word processor. When I try to open a Pages template (using Alfred 2) that I use quite a bit, it always tells me that the template is a file that needs a newer version (Pages 5) of the program I'm running. The weird thing is that when I open this template using a shortcut program called Overflow, opens normally and into Pages '09. Why is Alfred the only program that's not letting me open this template?
  15. Note from Andrew: While this is a convenient method for updating workflows, I cannot endorse the use of it unless you are fully aware of the security implications of blanket updating all of your workflows. I'm currently working on a built in workflow auto-updater, for a future Alfred 2 release, that performs the standard verification checks that Alfred currently does on manual import, along with migrating your hotkey/keyword settings on upgrading. I'll also be adding 3rd party workflow developer signatures to keep you safe. Hey all, I've just completed a workflow designed to make it easie
  16. When trying to automatically update to latest build, I get the message see screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/qobEynurAOV1 Let me know. proch
  17. Most of the workflows I installed is from this Github repo. https://github.com/zenorocha/alfred-workflows However, I did find those workflows are being updated very frequently, so manual update is somehow tedious. It would be better if Alfred can implement a way to check whether remote alfredworkfllow files have been updated or not, and autoupdate them if necessary. Even better, implementing a Alfred workflows package manager would help both autoupdate and discover new packages.
  18. First of all, credit due to @phyllisstein and his suggestion and workflow for Alleyoop. This workflow is just my personal take on a workflow updater based on Alleyoop, made for fun. Keyword is mp, then select an option listed. Listing compatible workflows will display all workflows with Alleyoop support: Checking for updates will list all available updates, you can Download all of them, or each one individually. Downloads are saved to your Downloads folder. Information related to workflow updates are cached for a day/until the next time you log in. Use the r
  19. Hi, I'd love to have the oppertunity to allow auto-updating: just download the latest version when connected to the internet and start installing it. The only popup i'd like to see is entering the username and password for my computer, to allow the installer to make changes to the Alfred app.
  20. The update process built into Alfred has failed for me in each of the last few releases. In each case I get a message like "Unable to verify v2.0.6 b203" after I try to update, and Alfred fails to update. Next time I start the computer I get asked to update again, and again it fails. This has happened ever since I've installed Alfred — I think the first version I had was v2.0.2. I have to manually download each new version from your website, and copy it over the existing installation. In this example I am using v2.0.4, but it occurs for v2.0.5 as well as older versions. It starts with
  21. I keep getting the update popup 'Alfred v2.0.6 (203) is now available'. I update and relaunch but it will still popup at a random time or when I open another application. Anyone else having this issue? I'm on Mountain lion.
  22. Unable to download v2.0.4 (199). Red text appears saying "Unable to find update zip :("
  23. Hey For a couple of days, I get the "Alfred v.2.0.2 (178) is now available" pop up. When I click on update, it seems to download something, when I then hit "Update and Relaunch" nothing seems to happen. A couple of minutes later, the pop up comes again. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  24. How do workflows update themselves? I am sure that from time to time the author of a workflow will add new features or squash bugs but how does a user, who has an older version installed, get the new build? Does the user periodically check the forums? (please say "no"!) Thx, Nitin
  25. This workflow is just a more convenient way to start a search for Software Updates. There're no scripts that need your root password or anything else! The functionality is that it will open the MAS and opens the system update tab I hope you've usage for it https://dl.dropbox.com/u/16754550/Run-Software-Update.alfredworkflow
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