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Found 4 results

  1. OneUpdater is an updater you can plug with minimal configuration into workflows, to keep them up-to-date in users’ machines. Easiest way to use it is to copy one of its OneUpdater nodes (the pink ones, with the note) to another workflow. If the workflow actions anything (you press ↵ at some point during usage), copy the top node (Run Script). Connect it to the most used action and double click to edit it. Fill the top variables with the correct values and you’re done. If the workflow doesn’t action anything (Script Filters with no connections), copy the bottom node (Script Filter) instead and make its Keyword the same as the most used in the workflow. Edit the top variables the same way. The top lines must be set, and the rest of the code should be left untouched. remote_info_plist is the URL to the workflow’s up-to-date info.plist on a server. workflow_url and download_type work in tandem. download_type must be one of direct, page, or github_release. When direct, workflow_url must be a direct link to a Workflow file. When page, workflow_url must be a link to a download page. When github_release, workflow_url must be of the form username/repo. frequency_check is the number of day between update checks. Set it to when testing, so it fires on every use. Example: readonly remote_info_plist='https://raw.githubusercontent.com/vitorgalvao/alfred-workflows/master/ShortFilms/source/info.plist' readonly workflow_url='https://raw.githubusercontent.com/vitorgalvao/alfred-workflows/master/ShortFilms/ShortFilms.alfredworkflow' readonly download_type='direct' readonly frequency_check='4' For it to work you need only update the workflow version in the configuration sheet (which should be done anyway). When any update happens, the user will be informed via a notification. It will be delivered by one of (in order and stopping at the first it finds) notificator, terminal-notifier, or plain AppleScript-called notification. With both direct and github_release, new Workflow versions will be downloaded directly and opened (github_release grabs the first file from the latest release of the repository). page will open a page on the default web browser. Download | Source
  2. Found this on github: https://github.com/godbout/AlfredWorkflowUpdater The automatic download and opening of the ne workflow is handy.
  3. library in Swift to ease the integration of updates from within Alfred. the API is basically four (3+1, or 2+2 if you prefer) methods: 1. check if an update is available (compares latest version on GitHub release VS the version of your local Workflow): if let release = Updater.checkUpdate(for: "godbout/AlfredKat") { // release.version, release.file, release.page available } 2. launch the update Updater.update(with: release.file) 3. notify (useful before launching at it is blocking) Updater.notify(title: "Alfred Kat", message: "downloading your s... workflow") 4. open release page (or anything for that matter) Updater.open(page: release.page) more on GitHub: https://github.com/godbout/AlfredWorkflowUpdater currently the update will be blocking your Script and the notification icon is the Script Editor one. this should get better in subsequent updates. enjoy ☀️
  4. Hatmaker for Alfred - Alfred V2 Workflow https://github.com/bpinto/hatmaker Install & update alfred workflows straight from Alfred. Currently only alfredworkflow.com workflows are supported. Download the workflow Download the workflow below and open in Alfred. Features Currently only supports installing and updating. The rest will be added soon. Install a workflow install [workflow name] List outdated workflows outdated Update a workflow outdated > Select the outdated workflow Open workflow homepage Hold option key when installing or listing outdated workflows. Credits Everyone at this community.
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