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Found 10 results

  1. Finally here: Update your workflows with the Packal Updater. There is a longer explanation on the Packal page, so just check that one out, but I'll give you a short version here. The updater will upgrade any workflows that you have downloaded from Packal when an upgrade becomes available. It cannot upgrade any workflows that you did not download from Packal. When you launch it the first time, head over to the settings and configure how you want it to work. If you write workflows, then put in the name that you most often use. If you have a Packal account, put that name in there too. If you do those two things, then the updater won't try to upgrade your workflows. If there are workflows that you do not want to update if, say, you've modified them, then Blacklist them in the appropriate place, and the updater will ignore those workflows. If you're running Mavericks (or, theoretically, Yosemite), then you'll have access to a nifty little GUI. If you're not, then, well, you don't, but you can still configure and do everything from Alfred itself. See the animated screenshots below for a quick demo of both. Three other notes: (1) The Updater Workflow uses the Alfred Bundler, which has been receiving an overhaul. If you run into some trouble with it, then just go ahead and delete your bundler directory, and it will re-install itself. A newer version of the bundler should be coming out soon that will make some great fixes, but you needn't worry about that because the bundler will update itself. (2) The Updater can send information to Packal about what workflows you have installed, enabled, and downloaded from Packal. It'll try to do this once a week if you do not disable the feature. It is anonymous reporting in that there is no way for me to figure out who you are from the data. Here's the command that I use to generate your unique identifier: ioreg -rd1 -c IOPlatformExpertDevice | awk '/IOPlatformUUID/ { split($0, line, "\""); printf("%s\n", line[4]); }' If you just plug that into a terminal, then you'll probably see something akin to: . (3) The Updater keeps backups of the workflows you've updated, so, if anything breaks, just open the backups folder and double-click the most recent version of the workflow to restore. Anyway, go grab it from Packal, and start updating. (And, as always, I think I've removed all the bugs, but, as I release this into the wild, I expect to find more. Just report them here.) Lastly, the updater can update itself according to my tests. Cool, right? Demo — Packal "GUI" Demo — Packal Script Filter Interface
  2. Hi! I'd like to upgrade my Alfred experience with the Powerpack, but I'm a little confused as to if I will be able to upgrade to a Mega Supporter license (thus having free upgrades forever) after I've purchased the Single License? I want to check out all of the extra capabilities before paying double the price for the Powerpack. Hope someone can answer this for me! Thanks, Jason
  3. I've been using Alfred since Alfred 1, in a limited way, and now have Alfred 2. I decided to expand usage, and purchased Turbopack 3. After my purchase of Turbopack 3, I was brought to a Running with Crayons page, but given no information on how to proceed with getting my purchase. When I moved from Alfred 1 to Alfred 2 I lost all my web search shortcuts, had to re-enter 70-80 searches. I must now have over 100, and don't want to lose them again. I'm afraid to simply download Alfred 3 and install. And, if that's what I **should** do, and I'm guaranteed that I won't lose all my current data, will Alfred then ask me to enter my Turbopack 3 Order ID? That's all I was provided. I've already seen the help page that assumes I had a license for Alfred 2, and it wasn't clear to me.
  4. I wanted to update to the latest version of OS X, but there are many posts in the Alfred forum related to bugs/workflow not working anymore after the upgrade. So I wanted to know if there is a post listing known issues or popular workflows not working (as of today) with OS X Mavericks? I just did a few searches but didn't find what I described above.
  5. I'm trying to decide if I should upgrade to Alfred V1+Powerpack to v2. So far (and it may just be that my Google-Fu is not strong), I can't find a comprehensive comparison of v1 and v2. Sure, there're a few blog posts scattered about, but I don't see something along the lines of a "if you upgrade to V2, here's what you'll get:" list. Since v1 is working great, I'm loathe to upgrade "blind," but if it's worth my while, I want to upgrade before prices jump. Can someone point me a comparison of Alfred v1 & v2? And maybe another comparison of Powerpac.v1 & Powerpack v2? Thanks. EDIT: Actually, the blog posts aren't even that helpful. There's a "we'll give you more later," but I don't really see the "more." The best I can tell, all upgrading gives me is workflows and themes. Is this correct? If so, I may just decide to save the $15 USD.
  6. I just downloaded and unzipped Alfred 2.02. I dragged the unzipped Alfred 2.app to my Applications folder. I started Alfred 2.app. Now there are two bowlers in my mac menu bar! In Alfred 2 Preferences screen, I clicked the button for v1 Import: Import settings. There are still two bowlers in my mac menu bar! I scanned and scanned AlfredApp.com and Alfredfroum.com. I found a lot of articles about importing v1 settings. BUT NOT ONE MENTION OF WHAT I SHOULD DO WITH OLD ALFRED 1.2. Maybe it is obvious to you. I am guessing I should just drag old Alferd to the trash. Will that "just work?" Will the extra bowler just go away? Do I need to restart my Mac after trashing old Alfred? Am I missing some obvious upgrade instructions?
  7. Hey all, I'm a Powerpack user with v.2.0.1 running on my Retina Macbook Pro (OS X 10.8.3). Quick question --> where's the migration tool to transfer custom searches (etc.) from v1 to v2 located? I can't seem to find it anywhere in Alfred preferences. Here's a shot of my 'General' menu: http://db.tt/vDNGz2UK Thanks, Zach Kahn
  8. I downloaded Alfred 2 and see it has a different aopplication file name so it does not upgrade the Alfred.app binary. So how do I start using ALfred 2 and import all my custom searches? I am a Powerpack user for both version. Andrew: Quick update - 2.0.1 has now been released which has an Import button in Alfred's General Preferences
  9. Hi, I've been using Alfred for forever and practically can't work without it. I upgraded today to v2 and had a very bad upgrade experience - Migration did not restart Alfred nor shut down Alfred v1, the features tab did not load and currently I'm stuck with a non functioning Alfred and the preferences window never loads and always crash. What I did - - I downloaded Alfred Alfred_2.0.1_173 (and upgraded to the Mega Supporter license), Installed it, pressed the Migrate button but Alfred did not restart. - Restarted manually, quitted Alfred v1 manually, Alfred v2 loaded but I got an empty features (Can't remember if thats the right tab name) tab in the preferences. I thought maybe the migrate went wrong and migrated again, same result. I then went to look through the Advanced tab thinking I might find a solution there, and while at it turned on the sync, creating an "Alfred" folder in my dropbox and moving my preferences there. Again, Alfred restart did not work and I restarted manually, Since then I can't open the preferences and Alfred itself only opens the text window but it doesn't function. Thinking it's the sync that killed Alfred I tried to delete all my alfred.alfredpreferences files, tried to delete com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-2 and com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-2.plist files and reinstall Alfred... nothing works. I'm Alfredless. I stopped and went here because I don't want to delete any Alfred v1 file accidentally and lose All my presets. Also, I found the crash report logs but I don't know how to analyse them (can't find an 'upload file' button here so I've put the latest one in my dropbox) - https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1119485/Alfred%20Preferences_2013-03-18-000225_Toms-MacBook-Air.crash Please help.
  10. I had a really bad user experience upgrading to Alfred v2. It feels that with the (totally understandable) excitement and workload involved with version 2 you lost the sight of the user experience for existing users. Some examples - I did not receive any upgrade notice by mail nor within Alfred, I only learned about it because I follow Alfred on twitter. When I went to Alfredapp.com site, I couldn't find any "Upgrade Alfred!" notice on the front page, or any text or link targeting existing users for that matter. When I installed Alfred v2 (Which does not work for me btw, posted a bug report about that) I did not get an "Upgrade Powerpack" notice and learned that I need to upgrade only after trying to enter my old Powerpack license key. When I encountered some upgrade problems I expected to have a direct support link for paying customers in the support section but couldn't find any. Now that I released some steam I just want to say that I use Alfred since forever, from the days it was a pet project and I love it. I can't imagine working on a Mac without Alfred, it's the first app I install on Mac newbies computers' and I guess that as long I'll be using a Mac it will be the first app I install. Just writing this because Alfred is an example of good UX for me, and it hurts a bit to see it fail in that area.
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