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Found 3 results

  1. I'm creating an Alfred Workflow to allow me to add a line to a note. As an example: A note with the tag #books-to-read - Getting search results with the #books-to-read - Append {query} to the note selected. I have managed to create an append by running a bash script with the title of a specific note. However, my goal is to filter and show specific tags and notes under it, then append the text based on the user's selection. Consider this example: - User starts workflow; - User see a list of an tag (lets says "#running-notes") -User select the "Books" Note - User types {query} to be append to the note "Books" under "#running-notes". Here is the code I'm using to append, right now: open "bear://x-callback-url/add-text?title=Books&selected=no&mode=append&new_line=yes&open_note=no&exclude_trashed=yes&new_window=no&show_window=no&edit=yes&timestamp=no&clipboard=no&text=%0A%0A%3E%20($(query}%3A%20 ${title} %20%0A%3E%20Added on: ${dateap} @ ${timeap}" Does anyone have a clue on how that can be done? Cheers
  2. Good Afternoon all, I am trying to produce a workflow to track parcels and packages in the newly launched Parcel app for OS X. The developer has given me two urls that can be used with the app. Here is a screenshot of what the workflow looks like atm: http://cl.ly/P00C Can someone explain to me how to set it up so two piece of information can be added to the Alfred box and then put into the url to pass to Parcel? Kind Regards, Chris Humphreys
  3. Does Alfred support an URL Scheme so that I can open it from other apps with an specific text? If that's not possible, is there an apple script or anything that would allow that? Thanks. EDIT: Just realized I can apple script that: tell application "Alfred 2" search "query" end tell
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