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Found 4 results

  1. Not sure why Alfred displays HUMUNGOUS icons in the notification center when no other application does this. it's really jarring and odd-looking; see below. Can we get a little more consistency?
  2. Hi, I was wondering if its possible to use tab to cycle between the completion suggestions. Many times I'd like to select the second option and tab+enter seems faster and more natural (similar to chrome predictions) as opposed to cmd+2 There might be a option to do so that i'm missing. Thanks, p.s. Excuse me if this a duplicate, I can't search for the word 'tab'
  3. Hey there, thank you very much for Alfred 2 :-) Beside all the cool stuff you can do with it, I also enjoy its ways to customize it. The only thing I can't change though is the color (and probably the thickness) of the cursor. I'd love to have it in blue (think iA Writer, Ulysses 3, iOS etc.). Is there any way to change it? If not—well, thanks for your consideration in advance! Yours, - Ben
  4. I had a really bad user experience upgrading to Alfred v2. It feels that with the (totally understandable) excitement and workload involved with version 2 you lost the sight of the user experience for existing users. Some examples - I did not receive any upgrade notice by mail nor within Alfred, I only learned about it because I follow Alfred on twitter. When I went to Alfredapp.com site, I couldn't find any "Upgrade Alfred!" notice on the front page, or any text or link targeting existing users for that matter. When I installed Alfred v2 (Which does not work for me btw, posted a bug report about that) I did not get an "Upgrade Powerpack" notice and learned that I need to upgrade only after trying to enter my old Powerpack license key. When I encountered some upgrade problems I expected to have a direct support link for paying customers in the support section but couldn't find any. Now that I released some steam I just want to say that I use Alfred since forever, from the days it was a pet project and I love it. I can't imagine working on a Mac without Alfred, it's the first app I install on Mac newbies computers' and I guess that as long I'll be using a Mac it will be the first app I install. Just writing this because Alfred is an example of good UX for me, and it hurts a bit to see it fail in that area.
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