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Found 18 results

  1. Heyho guys and girls, I just finished porting my old v1 extension NotificationControl to a v2 style workflow. You can download it here. You can use the following keywords: Show the current status of Growl and NotificationCenter : stat Pause Growl and Notification Center : pause Resume Growl and Notification Center : resume Pause or resume Growl : growl Pause or resume Notification Center : notificationcenter Close all Growl notifications : close_growl Close all NotificationCenter notifications : close_nc Show Growl’s rollup : show Hide Growl’s rollup : hide Enable Growl’s incoming network : enable Disable Growl’s incoming network : disable/ Restart Growl : restart
  2. I use the alfred clipboard manager a ton and to my dismay when I updated to the latest v2 release (the one for upcoming v3 compatibility) and suddenly the clipboard stopped working.. So i updated to the v3 beta thinking it might fix it, but have had no luck.. any ideas, what can i provide for more info on diagnosis? Thanks in advance
  3. Alfred V2 Theme "Dark Mode(RED)" enjoy Download
  4. I'm sure you are familiar with the subscription model that Adobe uses for Photoshop, Lightroom etc. Well I recently had occasion to download the the Creative Cloud where all the programs are 'managed' from. I was surprised to see a copy of Alfred v2 in the Folder on my Mac. It doesn't work because it says PowerPC applications are not supported. I do have Alfred v2.7.1 but why would there be an old copy of Alfred 2 in my Creative Cloud files folder?
  5. Malik Trey


    another nice Theme for Alfred called "Crimson" hope u like DOWNLOAD
  6. Hi there...I'm a graphic designer and music composer i spend some times to come down from my works in design like GUI`s i was a member of an great deskmodding group "Hollywood GUI" we make great works for windows and mac based Skins Themes and GUIs the group is never exist right now (we are not longer students) ... only some members make isolated in their leisure small projects. here a fast edited alfredv2 theme inspirated by a gread GUI "Nickel Cobalt" ***sometimes u need only the right colors to have the right look*** :-) hope you like DOWNLOAD www.malik-trey.com https://soundcloud.com/malik-trey-1 https://myspace.com/maliktrey http://lex-boon.deviantart.com/ http://malik-trey.deviantart.com/
  7. Help! I have somehow pushed a key sequence that has put the icon of one of my files above alfred's entry screen. It is now a shortcut to the file. First, what is this feature called so I can learn more about it? Second, how do I undo it?? Thank you!
  8. Often I'm just looking for a folder, but get files (and other stuff too) that have a similar name as search results. I'm looking for a solution to use a specific operator to only search for folders.
  9. Hi, i'm using OSX 10.9.2 i'm using Alfred v2 (243) My Problem is that after some time Alfred can't find 'Mouse' any longer. I was able to fix the Problem by 'Rebuilding the OSX Metadata', a few weeks later Alfred again is unable to find 'Mouse'. Clearing the 'Application Cache' didn't help in any way. The strange thing is that all other prefPanes can still be found 'Keyboard', 'Notifications' and so on... Thanks, Jonas
  10. moimikey


    a first theme. grey, unobtrusive and clean. preview: Seattle.alfredappearance: http://d.pr/f/wLyM theme url: http://is.gd/0pJ1ei
  11. I'm trying to decide if I should upgrade to Alfred V1+Powerpack to v2. So far (and it may just be that my Google-Fu is not strong), I can't find a comprehensive comparison of v1 and v2. Sure, there're a few blog posts scattered about, but I don't see something along the lines of a "if you upgrade to V2, here's what you'll get:" list. Since v1 is working great, I'm loathe to upgrade "blind," but if it's worth my while, I want to upgrade before prices jump. Can someone point me a comparison of Alfred v1 & v2? And maybe another comparison of Powerpac.v1 & Powerpack v2? Thanks. EDIT: Actually, the blog posts aren't even that helpful. There's a "we'll give you more later," but I don't really see the "more." The best I can tell, all upgrading gives me is workflows and themes. Is this correct? If so, I may just decide to save the $15 USD.
  12. I am a neophyte with a macbook air, just trying to get v1 to quit loading now that I have v2. Thank you.
  13. I have looked for an HOUR to find out how to use hot keys. Nothing! I finally went back to v1. Why did you make it so damn complicated? You ruined a good thing with v2....waaaaaay too much to read. REmember, we are POWER users....we want FAST.....we want SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!1
  14. Hey all, I'm a Powerpack user with v.2.0.1 running on my Retina Macbook Pro (OS X 10.8.3). Quick question --> where's the migration tool to transfer custom searches (etc.) from v1 to v2 located? I can't seem to find it anywhere in Alfred preferences. Here's a shot of my 'General' menu: http://db.tt/vDNGz2UK Thanks, Zach Kahn
  15. My hotkey in Alfred v1 was cmd+space and I imported my Alfred v1 settings and even uninstalled Alfred v1 using an app uninstaller and now the Alfred v2 settings won't allow me to set cmd+space for Alfred's hotkeys.
  16. I created an applescript to interact with Outlook messages that I'm launching with a hot key in a workflow as an osascript: on run {} tell application "Microsoft Outlook" -- listSelectedItems : a list of all items selected in Entourage set listMessages to current messages -- Check to make sure items are selected, if not then quit if ((count of listMessages) < 1) then return repeat with eachMessage in listMessages move eachMessage to folder "Local Archive" end repeat end tell end run The script archives the messages as designed, but it pops the Alfred window each time. I didn't have this problem in v1 with an applescript.
  17. I'm slowly migrating from V1 and trying to open a folder path (~) using a hotkey as in V1, but I can't work it out. Could someone please tell me how as I've wasted a lot of time on this. Thanks.
  18. I changed my FunkyGreen from Alfred 1.x for Alfred v2 a bit - I really like it now :-) Is there a way to change the border thickness?
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