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Found 10 results

  1. Since I work with a lot of ASCII text files which I like to edit with MacVim, I've set my macOS so that all files with a .txt extension are opened with MacVim. Then, if I want to edit one on the fly, I can just type my Alfred keyboard shortcut and then type "open somefile.txt" and Alfred will open it in MacVim. But what I've noticed is that MacVim doesn't appear to be reading my ~/.vimrc file when I open files using Alfred as the settings I have in that file aren't set in MacVim when the file is opened. On the other hand, if I were to open and terminal window and change to the directory whe
  2. Would be great there's an option to turn on vim navigation (h,j,k,l). This would probably replace ctrl + n / ctrl + p.
  3. Hey everybody! I am working on this workflow where I have a file filter with the most important text files (for me, at least) to open with vim in iTerm. Currently I have it configured so that I can choose to just run vim and get a new document or I can choose to run "v $SOMEFILE" in Alfred to make it open that way. It's super cool, I've used https://github.com/stuartcryan/custom-iterm-applescripts-for-alfred/ and Macvimtoolbox as inspiration for this. There is one bug, however. When the active iTerm window is not just sh
  4. This workflow simply: 1. save clipboard to a temporary file 2. open that temp file with MacVim 3. Waiting for you to finish editing (by default, you have 30s to edit) 4. Send edited content to clipboard GitHub repo, download from GitHub
  5. Hello, I tried to use snippets and vim in the terminal. That works, but I used TAB after the // in the snippit in Alfred. When I inserted it in vim with snip, it look strange. I think something is going wrong with TABs Have someone tried this? or must I do it different Greetings from the Netherlands Wim Alsemgeest.
  6. MacVim Toolbox This workflow adds commands for working with MacVim. The commands are: vim:editterminal Edit the selected file from Finder or PathFinder in a terminal MacVim in Terminal.app. vim:edititerm Edit the selected file from Finder or PathFinder in a terminal MacVim in iTerm2 in a tab. vim:editgui Edit the selected file from Finder or PathFinder in a gui MacVim It also has commands for the Alfred Browser to edit with MacVim in terminal or gui. There are hotkey you can define as well. Version: 1.2 Date: Jan 5, 2016 Packal: http:/
  7. Take the selected file (or folder) in Finder and edit it in MacVim. This would also be a good pattern for "Open Finder file in ThisOtherApplication" https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/27500327/shared/Finder_to_MacVim.alfredworkflow
  8. Dracula Dracula is a dark open-source theme for Alfred, SublimeText, TextMate, Vim and Chrome DevTools. Instructions and download links here.
  9. Hey guys, just upgraded to version 2 which turned out even better than expected! Here's a quick theme that I did. It's a the Monokai Theme some of you might know from editors like TextMate, SublimeText or Vim. Download: https://github.com/fniephaus/alfred-monokai/raw/master/Monokai.alfredappearance Cheers Fabio
  10. Here's my take on my favorite Vim/Sublime Text color scheme: Monokai Download link: https://github.com/benjaminwhite/Alfred-Themes
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