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Found 10 results

  1. change the volume of the Music.app from Alfred. useful if you're using AirPlay devices. GitHub: https://github.com/godbout/alfred-music-volume Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/alfred-music-volume enjoy 🌻️
  2. only reporting now but actually it's been a long time for me, so i'm surprised. might be only a few people? volumax and volmid work fine, but up, down and mute don't. i'm reporting now because i'm doing my own workflow (that can set to any % you pass as argument) and i think it's be nice to have it corrected in Alfred, and why not adding a new feature to set to the volume we want. let me know! Alfred 4.0.9 Build 1144, Friday 20th March 2020 Catalina 10.15.4 (19E287)
  3. My first workflow! I saw a similar one that ejected all disks but wanted more fine grained control over which disks to eject. When you type the keyword 'eject' it shows a list of the ejectable drives. Simply press enter or click on one to eject the drive. A notification should pop up in the notification center if the drive has been ejected. Some stats about the drives are shown such as protocol, partition type, and size. Icons are also changed per protocol. Workflow uses a python. Let me know if you have any suggestions or find any bugs. Download
  4. When I go to eject drives using Alfred (usually installer DMGs) I've been seeing this Volumes/firmwaresyncd.Ux5C91 as the first suggestion. This has persisted across many reboots. It's not going away. A screenshot is attached below. I don't see the supposed volume in Finder, GUI Disk Utility, nor via Terminal command "diskutil list". As far as I can tell the first hit with the curved return arrow is Alfred's best guess or perhaps a cached shortcut to a volume that no longer exists or something like that. When I did a search for the volume, I came across a similar question. It's not spelled exactly the same as mine but it's similar enough, randomly generated suffixes are common enough. I'm alarmed about the idea of having a hack on my system. I suspect it's much more mundane. Perhaps a cache isn't clearing in Alfred, or it's seeing a "secret" recovery partition or something. What can I do to get to the bottom of this?
  5. Anyone here with an Onkyo (or any other) receiver that would be interested in controlling the power, volume and other things with Alfred? I'm considering making a small workflow to control my receiver with Alfred since I usually use it to play music
  6. Hey Gang Just wanted a quick workflow to easily bop the volume up and down for Spotify. Alfred workflows to the rescue. Dead simple and easy to adjust the increments if you like. DOWNLOAD
  7. I had created a Volume Adjust Extension for Alfred v1, now I've updated it as a Workflow for Alfred v2. More info including a download link and the source is available on my website: http://victorquinn.com/development/#volumeadjust But below are the commands it will accept for changing the system volume. Includes a notification of the exact numeric (0-100) volume level. There's a prettier and more readable table version on my website. vol {number, 1-100} [invoked as “vol 30” or “vol 74”. Any number from 0-100 will work and the volume will be set to that percentage. So “vol 30” will set the output volume to 30%. Any number less than 0 will just set the volume to 0% and any number greater than 100 will just set it to 100%] vol mute || vol off [Mutes the volume. Unfortunately, since Alfred just runs the Applescript and then terminates, it is not possible at this time to mute then unmute back to the same volume you were before the mute.] vol quiet || vol soft || vol low [sets volume to 15%] vol medium || vol mid || vol half [sets volume to 50%] vol loud || vol high [sets volume to 85%] vol up || vol more || vol + [invoked as either “vol up” or “vol up {number, 1-100}”. Used as just “vol up” it will increase the volume by 10%. But invoked as “vol up 30” it will increase the volume from its current level by 30%. So if your volume were at 10%, invoking “vol up 30” will end with the volume at 40%.] vol down || vol less || vol - [invoked as either “vol down” or “vol down {number, 1-100}”. Used as just “vol down” it will decrease the volume by 10%. But invoked as “vol down 30” it will decrease the volume from its current level by 30%. So if your volume were at 73%, invoking “vol down 30” will end with the volume at 43%.]
  8. Alfred Instacast Workflow Since Vemedio's Instacast now supports AppleScript, I've built a workflow for controlling it with Alfred. Commands icp - Toggles Play/Pause icv - Controls volume. (Accepted params are "mute", "min", "max", "half" or any number from 0 to 10) icm - Instantly mute Instacast icf - Forwards current podcast 30 seconds. icb - Backwards current podcast 30 seconds. It's pretty basic right now, but I got some ideas and think to add them in a near future. Dependencies Latest version of Instacast that supports AppleScript natively. Tested with "1.1 (2079)" Alfred Powerpack (Duh!) Links Download from Packal Direct Download from Github Project page on Github (For issue and feature progress tracking) Feedback, suggestions and tips (Since it's my first workflow) is always appreciated. Enjoy!
  9. I use the mini player all day to listen to music. Because I use apples AirPlay technology, it is not possible to control the volume over the media keys on my keyboard (this only changes the volume of the inside speakers). It would be great if the mini player would get a volume control, so I don't have to open iTunes every time, to change it. I have done a quick concept how I could imagine implementing it. Cause mini player only uses the enter key to navigate, it would be simple to use the left and right arrow keys to control the volume. Either just when you have selected the volume field, or everywhere. What do you guys think about this idea?
  10. Have installed the b112 release which enables the iTunes mini player. Is there any means to control the iTunes volume within the mini player? I realise I can change my master volume via the keyboard media keys; I'm looking to be able to control iTunes volume separately.
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