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Found 7 results

  1. Here is a simple workflow that uses UI Applescripting (thanks to https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4011487?start=0&tstart=0 ) to delete cookies for a single website in Safari: Delete cookies for specific site on Safari.alfredworkflow I need to do this a lot when switching on VPN after a Google Scholar search....hopefully others will find it useful.
  2. Hey everyone, Excited to share my very first Alfred workflow with all of you. It basically spins up a vanilla js local web dev environment super fast. Use it for quick experiments without sacrificing the comfort of your favourite editor You can download and learn more about its usage at https://atej.github.io/alfred-webs/
  3. This is a simple workflow that will lookup reserved words in JavaScript. I found myself wanting a quick and simple way just to double-check, without having to link off to a site, or open another app, or anything other than a lightweight and quick review. Alfred is perfect for this. Invoke the workflow with jsReserved and either scroll through the list of reserved words or start simply typing a word to find a match. Available on Packal and Github. readme from gitub:
  4. I made this to fit my web development workflow, primarily for responsive testing. This workflow opens a new resized window of the active tab for small, medium, and large devices in Google Chrome Canary, or Google Chrome. There's also an options to open two new windows, small and large, side by side, or open a new resized window and open DevTools at the same time. I've also included the Firechrome Alfred workflow to open Chrome's active tab in FireFox. Hopefully some of you fellow web developer's will find this useful. Feedback would be much appreciated. Window positioning still needs some work, as well as window positioning when using multiple displays. Here's a link to the repo: https://github.com/wad3g/alfred-chrome-canary-webdev
  5. This is a simple workflow to generate a 32 byte salt using Python's os.urandom(). Options to output as a byte string or encoded to base-64. Repo: https://github.com/gcallsen/alfred-2-salt-generator Download Workflow Directly: https://github.com/gcallsen/alfred-2-salt-generator/raw/master/generate_salt.alfredworkflow
  6. I created a workflow that changes the width of the window which currently has the focus. Currently it has four integrated widths fo the usual smartphone and tablet width (landscape and portrait mode), but also allows to set the window width to a custom value. I use it to set my browser width to the widths of smartphones and tablets, when doing responisve web development. Yout can download it here: Window Width (GitHub repository) Any feedback is appreciated!
  7. I've been using Jeffrey Way's Alfred workflow/bash script to quickly set up a web development enviroment, setting up folders, pulling in jQuery, then opening the project in Sublime Text and Chrome. However I'd really like to be able to append Codekit onto this workflow, so the project is added and folder monitored. I tried "/Applications/CodeKit.app/Contents/MacOS/CodeKit ." but it just opens multiple copies of Codekit without adding the project. I managed to get it to add via Applescript but then it doesn't work with the rest of the script. Any ideas on how to make this work? P.S. This question is related to Codekit but any suggestions to how this Web Dev Workflow could be made more awesome are welcome!
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