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Found 8 results

  1. I'm starting out trying to make workflows and have to this point just managed to do web searches on a specific website by using Alfred's buildt inn function with the {query} option. This has worked out perfectly with sites that displays a HTTP address for a search, but how can i tackle pages that does not do this? ATM i'm trying to make a search for this page http://www.magnusli.no/ifirooms/. I tried to inspect the getRoom() function and stole a link from there include/get_room.php?id= and tried to use the {query} on that (with eg. 'Caml' as a search) and that worked to a point where the function returned the data for that search, but that was not what i intended to do. The request returned this: Wanted outcome: Any tips or input as to where to start or how to tackle an issue like this would be much appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Does anyone know how I could setup Alfred to perform searches on documentation websites such as https://material-ui.com that are powered by Algolia Docsearch and do not have a search URL? After looking into it a little bit, it looks like I would need to create a workflow? Is it not possible with the simple Web search feature of Alfred?
  3. https://github.com/dkarter/Bang A DuckDuckGo !bang auto-completion. Installation Download the .workflow file from https://github.com/dkarter/Bang and open it in Alfred. Usage Must run `!update` before using - this will download the completion data from duckduckgo.com After getting the completion data you can use the workflow by either typing `!` into Alfred's search box, or using the system-wide shortcut <Ctrl-!> ## Demo License MIT DuckDuckGo name and logo are trademarks of Duck Duck Go, Inc. https://github.com/dkarter/Bang
  4. Hi Pals, I don't know if somebody notice the web-search translate function it doesn't work. Well, in my case on Catalina the url translate function return a error, well, for that, I share with you a way to fix it with a own websearch function. You can add a custom search with the next parameters: Search URL: https://translate.google.com/?sl=en&tl=es&text={query} // this is the new url where translate english to spanish Title: any text Keyword: your keyword to enable the translation And save. Now when enable your search and write you keyword is possible to get the translation. PD: you can add all the web search function you want, in my case I have two for each translation. Search URL: https://translate.google.com/?sl=es&tl=en&text={query} // this is the new url where translate spanish to english Title: any text Keyword: tse Search URL: https://translate.google.com/?sl=en&tl=es&text={query} // this is the new url where translate english to spanish Title: any text Keyword: tes
  5. I am from India, which means by default I would like amazon search to go to amazon.in rather than amazon.com. This is just one of the websearch example. In other words, how locale sensitive is Alfred. How do I set and/or customize builtin websearch to point to a different URL.
  6. Hi, I'm trying to add the url: http://www.hitta.se/{query}/företag_och_personer as a custom web search, but it doesn't work because as soon as I type the "ö"-character in this url the textfield turns red and I'm unable to add it. It is a valid url though.
  7. I am interested in finding/customizing an existing workflow (if one exists) that functions as a image metasearch engine for keywords entered. Google images, istockphoto and shutterstock are three I am interested in but would consider others? Any suggestions on any existing workflows or some that would work with a bit of customization? Any other thoughts? Cheers, Tom
  8. I just upgraded to 2.0.3(187) from (186) and it seems that all of my custom web searches have been lost and the web searches which I have disabled have been reenabled. has anyone else experienced this? I have my configuration sync'd via Dropbox with another computer which is running the same release.
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