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Found 4 results

  1. Alfred's web search was successful, but no matter how hard I tried, it didn't bring up autocomplete. Below is your web search address, and upload a workflow that didn't work before! Help me! web search url : https://namu.wiki/w/{query} workflow file url : https://d.pr/f/ih4jKh
  2. Wikify Your little Evernote Wiki-Helper Version 2.6 Download at Packal This is a workflow in progess, but Version 2.0 adds a tone of super helpful functions for dealing with Evernote for Markdown lovers. This is aimed at making it easier to create a personal wiki on your computer, using Evernote as the backbone. New complete documentation on my blog: http://bit.ly/1xA0D44 Current Features: Version 2.0 adds four features to 1.2's functionality. Meaning these are the new functions: Markdown to Evernote (mden)document-specific text snippets (use ^^^snippet^^^ syntax) auto-linking to pre-existing Evernote notes (no special syntax) auto-linking to new Evernote notes (use [[double bracket]] syntax) Evernote to Markdown (enmd) Auto-Link to pre-existing notes for Selected Evernote note(s) (wfy) Auto-Link to new notes for Selected Evernote note(s) (ensel) See the posts below for more detailed accounts of these features. NOTE: In order to use a number of these features, you will need the Satimage OSAX Scripting Addition. I've set it up such that this is remarkably easy to install. Simply use the keyword in Alfred wfy:install and the Satimage installer will boot up and walk you through the process. Markdown to Evernote The first feature allows you to write in any editor on your Mac in Markdown, and simply and easily send that data to Evernote as formatted HTML. In order to assign Note Title, Notebook, and Tags, you can use simple MultiMarkdown Headers, or simple symbols: Title: or # for the note's title Notebook: or = for the note's notebook destination Tags: or @ for the note's tags At import, Wikify comes with a Hotkey or a Keyword to launch this functionality. Simply select your text (ctr + A) and then hit your user-defined hotkey, or pop-up Alfred and type mden, and Wikify will instantly send you Markdown text to Evernote as fully-formatted HTML. Evernote to Markdown Have you ever wanted to edit your Evernote notes in the plain-text glory of Markdown? If so, this is the feature for you. Using Aaron Swartz's glorious html2text Python script, Wikify will convert the currently selected Evernote note to a Markdown plain-text file. Wikify will save the .md file in its storage folder (~/Library/Application Support/Workflow Data/com.hackademic.wikify/). You can create a Markdown file of an Evernote note, edit it, and then send it back using the twin function. Let me know if you have any issues, and keep posted for further functionality. stephen
  3. My first Alfred 2 Workflow for searching the Minecraft Wiki. Just type "mine" and lets get start. Suggestions coming soon... If anybody know how this works - let me know. http://d.pr/f/QELU
  4. I have created a Workflow for searching the official RealBasic Documentation Wiki. This Workflow is a simple modification of the Wikipedia workflow (alternate) by Benzi. To use it, just type rbw, followed by the search query. Then select the fitting result and hit enter to open the Website in your standard Browser. For example rbw f (see Screenshot below). You can download it here: Download I've also implemented the AlleyOOP-Update Files. Thanks to phyllisstein
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