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Found 1 result

  1. I've been working on a brief workflow that grabs a list of FTP favorites from Transmit and serves them up as Alfred results. Ideally, actioning any one of these results would mount the specified server as a external drive. So far though, I've been unable to get Alfred to load the generated XML as results. Below, I've provided some details that might be useful to pin-point the issue: The workflow is PHP-based, though it also relies on a bit of Applescript to fetch the list of favorites from Transmit. (Much of the code & concepts come courtesy @jdfwarrior!) I thought the issue might be related to the Applescript – returning invalid XML, or maybe nothing at all. I tried writing the generated XML to a file (instead of echoing it back to Alfred, as per the code below.) The output seemed valid but I am still unable to get Alfred to load the XML into its results list! It just gets stuck on the pre-defined loading text. I hope this all makes sense. Any and all help is much appreciated! PHP: /* FOLLOWING CODE IS ENTERED DIRECTLY INTO ALFRED'S "SCRIPT FILTER" ** EDITOR AND ISN'T WRAPPED IN <?PHP?> TAGS. THE FILTER REQUIRES A ** SPACE-SEPARATED ARGUMENT, THE INTERPRETER IS SET TO PHP, AND I ** LIMITED THE 'ESCAPE {QUERY}' OPTION TO DOUBLE QUOTES AND DOLLARS. */ require_once('extension_utils.php'); $utils = new ExtensionUtils(); $results = array(); $query = stripcslashes("{query}"); $favesGet = exec('osascript transmit_actions.scpt'); $favesObj = explode(', ',$favesGet); $i = 0; foreach( $favesObj as $fave ): $i++; $item = array( 'uid' => 'fave-'.$i, 'arg' => $fave, 'title' => $fave, 'subtitle' => 'Mount '.$fave.' as volume...', 'icon' => 'icon.png', 'valid' => 'yes' ); array_push( $results, $item ); endforeach; if ( count( $results ) > 0 ): echo $xml; endif; /* IN ORDER TO TEST/DEBUG THE XML OUTPUT ** I REPLACED THIS FINAL IF-STATEMENT WITH ** THE FOLLOWING CODE: */ // $xml = $utils->arrayToXml($results); // $path = "output.txt"; // $file = fopen($path, 'w') or die("can't open file"); // fwrite($file,$xml); // fclose($file); Applescript: -- FILE NAME: transmit_actions.scpt -- -- APPLESCRIPT THAT RETURNS A LIST OF THE -- NAMES OF FTP FAVORITES FROM TRANSMIT: --------------------------------------------- set names to {} tell application "Transmit" repeat with fave in favorites set faveName to name of fave set names to names & faveName end repeat end tell tell application "Transmit" to quit return names XML Output: (Abbreviated and formatted...) <?xml version="1.0"?> <items> <item uid="fave-1" arg="Christian et Christine"> <title>Christian et Christine</title> <subtitle>Mount Christian et Christine as volume...</subtitle> <icon>icon.png</icon> <valid>yes</valid> </item> <item uid="fave-2" arg="Clifford Wright"> <title>Clifford Wright</title> <subtitle>Mount Clifford Wright as volume...</subtitle> <icon>icon.png</icon> <valid>yes</valid> </item>
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