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Found 6 results

  1. https://support.firecore.com/hc/en-us/articles/215090997-Callback-URLs-iOS-macOS- this is an example
  2. Hi all, I am new to use Alfred and I am on a Mac Monterey OS. I am new to this idea of organising my files and I would like to learn what is the best practice so far in being able to search your stuff. I am currently using Sharepoint, but the wiki cannot be searched. Then I went to use Notion, but uploading video files takes a long time. I am assuming that using Macs tag system will help me find my work easier. So I am just wondering could anyone share any tips or work flows to get things started? I was wondering is there a work flow, that tags things downloaded and filter it into the appropriate folder? Just wondering.
  3. I am sorry if I have missed the answer to this - I honestly have tried looking. I don't want to return results or pass variables. I simply want, from my "startheday" workflow, to run the bn command for the Bear workflow by Dr. Grib. I have tried using Action in Alfred, Open URL with the internal URL for the app, and copying in what I thought might be needed from Dr. Grib's workflow, but none of those worked... Quite obviously I am not a power-user. Shouldn't one workflow be able to call another? If so, what Action do I use? I feel so stupid... Thank you! K
  4. If you need to delete an item within a workflow, how do you reconnect the rest of the workflow so it works again?
  5. Short story, I backed up my Alfred workflows in my google drive, and now when I try to download them, they all come in form of zipped files. I've read here that you can convert the .alfredworkflow.zip file back into an .alfredworkflow file which I've managed to do but when I try to install the workflow, none of the workflows have their respective pictures saved (if I tried to do this manually for ~ 40 - 50 workflows, it would take ages). Any thoughts on how to easily fix this / automate this? I've tried writing a Python script but even using the subprocess module to run bash commands messes up the workflow when trying to zip the info.plist file. I'd greatly appreciate any thoughts on this and any ideas! Even after doing this and I try to install through info.alfredworkflow, it complains and gives a message "The workflow you are trying to import is invalid." I'm honestly not sure what to do at this point. import os import subprocess # SINGLE os.chdir("...") # change to directory that contains the .alfredworkflow.zip files for f in os.listdir(os.getcwd()): if len(f.split(".alfredworkflow.zip")) == 2: path = os.getcwd() + "/" + f subprocess.run(["unzip", path, "-d", os.getcwd() + "/" + f.split(".zip")[0]]) dirs = list(filter(os.path.isdir, os.listdir(os.getcwd()))) # ZIP for folder in dirs: if len(folder.split(".alfredworkflow")) == 2: path = os.getcwd() + "/" + folder + "/info.plist" subprocess.run(["zip", path + ".zip", path]) # RENAME for folder in dirs: if len(folder.split(".alfredworkflow")) == 2: path = os.getcwd() + "/" + folder + "/info.plist.zip" subprocess.run(["mv", path, os.getcwd() + "/" + folder + "/info.alfredworkflow"])
  6. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction with this simple workflow that I'm trying to create. I'm sure I can do this with some scripting, but was hoping to get it to work without it. It is a simple list filter that I want to filter 3 actions: notes, reminders, label and then open the corresponding dynamic url. The 'notes' & 'reminders' are working as I would like, but I'm having trouble with the 'label' action since it doesn't follow the same protocol as the other two - it needs an additional argument (label name). I am hoping to type the following: "gkeep label work" and it will trigger an open url command to open "https://keep.google.com/#label/work". My workflow can be downloaded here for review. Thanks in advance, Mike
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