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Found 633 results

  1. Hi, Grateful for help on a basic search workflow. I'd like to be able to search the Sci-Hub website using Alfred. The website is https://sci-hub.tw/ I added a custom websearch in Alfred using https://sci-hub.tw/search?q={query} But it takes me to a URL of http://search/sci-hub.tw And the browser gives an error saying "site cannot be found" What am I doing wrong? Thank you.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm running on High Sierra and for some reason can't get even the simplest of workflows in Alfred to work with Google Chrome. For example, the workflow in the attached screen shot works when the browser is changed to Safari, but when I try to open it in a Chrome browser, all it does is open a new Chrome window with a blank URL. Any idea what's going on / how to fix it? This is such a core tenet of how I want to use Alfred workflows - I really hope we can figure this out! Cheers, Palmira
  3. I create a workflow for searching mail from Outlook for Mac V16 (A.K.A. 2016). Now it support searching Mail sender, Subject and Preview Content with below format: olk [keyword] And also you can search with multiple keywords: olk [keyword1] [keyword2] [keyword3] To limit search scope in one attribute: olk from:[keyword] olk title:[keywords1] [keywords2] ... By default, this workflow searches mail from all folders and with default page size 20, for results more than 20, you can click last item 'Next 20 Results...' to go to next page. You can also configure the search: olkc pagesize [number] for change search result in one result list. olkc folder then you can get a list of all your Outlook folders, choose one to limit search scope. Project hosted in Github: https://github.com/xeric/alfred-outlook Download latest release workflow file from: https://github.com/xeric/alfred-outlook/releases Welcome your feedbacks!
  4. Hi, I am new to Alfred, and would like to incorporate some of the shortcuts already existing in mac OS (https://support.apple.com/en-in/HT201236) into a workflow. For example, I want to assign a keyword input "screenshot" to the mac shortcut Shift-Command-3, since I always forget this combination Can anyone please suggest, how this can be done? Thanks!
  5. I am trying create a workflow that will let me select a folder and open it in an application. So far the closest I have gotten is a hotkey to open "Browse in Alfred" and a "File Action" to open the path with the application. Is there a way to get an output from "Browse in Alfred"?
  6. Hi, after browsing documentation and here in the forum I couldn't figure out how I can tell Alfred what is sent to an Output Action like "copy to clipboard" or "display large"? I have a script filter, which queries a JSON datasource and receives 6 fields. These fields are assembled to an item's title (F1+F2) and subtitle (F3/4/5/6). How can I achieve that e.g. the content of Field 5 is copied to clipboard when users hits enter on an item? Thank you Thomas PS: In my test environment "{query}" is pre-populated in the dialogue when creating the output-action, but Field 3 is received by the output action. I expected {query} to contain the letters I have entered in the Alfred input field so far.
  7. Hi all, I have an issue with Google agenda since quite a long time now : with more than 25 agenda, when I focus on one Agenda with the menu "Display this only", there is no simple way to display back all the Calendar. I have to click one by one on the 25 checkbox to have a complete view again : I had a workaround with the previous version of Google Agenda, that does not work anymore. This is a quite popular request on the Forum of Google Calendar : https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/calendar/Cg2LZc9nuG0;context-place=topicsearchin/calendar/display$20all$20calendars https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/calendar/6ciIqqfXc1A;context-place=topicsearchin/calendar/display$20all$20calendars https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/calendar/doxVBHIOVck;context-place=topicsearchin/calendar/display$20all$20calendars https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/calendar/_svCRstr2Go;context-place=topicsearchin/calendar/display$20all$20calendars https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/calendar/I7FWG_ZStMw;context-place=topicsearchin/calendar/display$20all$20calendars https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/calendar/VkMluKdJJd8;context-place=topicsearchin/calendar/display$20all$20calendars https://productforums.google.com/forum/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=footer#!msg/calendar/doxVBHIOVck/sqK66CjqBQAJ I was wondering if it could be achieved via a Alfred Workflow ? (A workflow that would check all the checkboxes from the calendar list). If someone know how to to that, I can pay for the time spent of this, as it would really help me Thanks, Michaël
  8. So I've been trying to make this workflow for a while but I can't find any answers online and I'm not nearly skilled enough to do it myself. I currently use a few alfred workflows to open certain folders that I use for my work. A lot of the time I need to open more than one of these folders and I usually put them on right side of my screen, one above the other. I've already set up a new workflow to open two finder windows but it just opens two windows on top of each other. This is fine really, but I'd like to make a workflow that would arrange the windows without me doing it. Is there anyway of doing this?
  9. It seems that Alfred only support Ctrl, Option, Command, Shift + Key to trigger a workflow?
  10. Hi there, I'm wondering if there is, or should be some sort of progress bar for exporting a workflow? I have one with quite a large codebase and having a few issues exporting it. When I hit export the dialog disappears, but nothing appears in the specified directory. I thought it was completely broken, but then I looked in the directory maybe 10 minutes later and there was the file there, and at about 100mb. Strangely, when I quite Alfred Preferences the file was removed. I noticed that the Alfred Preferences process was using a lot of CPU so I assumed that it was still going, just taking a while to zip everything up. The problem is, now I don't know how long I should leave it for before utilising the alfredworkflow file, because there's no signal to tell me it's complete. I wasn't sure if this is a bug, a suggestion, or a known issue so though I would just get some feedback to see if anyone else had had this problem. Cheers,
  11. From reading the documentation, it seems possible to add a workflow as a fallback result, but I seem to be missing something. In my case, I have created a nice little workflow that just takes whatever text I have entered, and appends it to a text file. Now, I can invoke this workflow by typing log <my text> which works fine. But I'd like to avoid having to enter 'log' - ideally I'd just enter the text, and select the 'log' action, just like I do with e.g. Google search. I thought I could set this up under Alfred Preferences -> Features -> Default Results -> Setup fallback results. The screenshot from the documentation implies I should be able to add my workflow here: But pressing the '+' button, I get no option to add a Workflow Trigger, only 'Web Search' and 'Custom Search': Shouldn't there be a 'Workflow Trigger' menu item here? If not, how do I add a workflow trigger to the fallback results?
  12. Hi all, I was wondering if there's a way to only make certain workflows available depending on which app is the frontmost app. For example, I have a bunch of workflows that copy the title and URLs of the current Safari window, but I'd like these to show up in Alfred only when Safari is the frontmost app when I call up Alfred. How 'bout it? Paul
  13. When upgrading a workflow, if "Migrate my settings" is checked, settings such as custom keyword inputs and custom hotkeys are kept; however, if a keyword is customized and the associated "with space" setting is also customized, the "with space" setting is not migrated during the upgrade. I expected that the "with space" setting would migrate just like the keyword migrates. As an example, when I upgrade Alfred Emoji, I change my keyword from "emoji" to to a single character (:), but I also uncheck the "with space" setting, because I want to emulate emoji completion in tools like GitHub or Slack. Alfred version & build number: v3.5.1 [883] OS X version: 10.13.2 (17C205)
  14. Hello, while I love the ease of use of alfred and the great workflows created by the community, there is one thing missing for me to make Alfred perfect. It would be cool it were possible to output html or an image when a user presses enter on an item. This would be great for showing information on the web like wikipedia, imdb or wolfram alpha. It would also enable output that is more visually pleasing than plain old text output. I know that the not longer maintained Flashlight (https://github.com/nate-parrott/Flashlight) had this feature. Cheers Leon
  15. Search for emoji and copy them to the clipboard 🤘. Download v1.6.0 (2018-01-13) Usage: emoji [query] Press [return] (↵): Copy the symbol of the selected emoji (e.g. 🤣) to your clipboard. Press [alt]+[return] (⌥↵): Copy the code of the selected emoji (e.g. `:rofl:`) to your clipboard. Press [cmd]+[return] (⌘↵): Paste the code of the selected emoji (e.g. 🤣) to your frontmost application. Automatic Updates: This workflow will automatically check for updates at most once per day. If a new release is found, it automatically downloads and installs the latest version of the workflow. All downloads come directly from official GitHub releases. Optional Hotkey and Snippet Triggers: Customize the workflow with either a custom hotkey or a custom snippet. Links: GitHub Project Download New Releases GitHub Issues - (please submit bug reports and feature requests here) Screenshot:
  16. Hello, Maybe I missed something, but here is what I would love to see. Problem As I have several workflows installed, it gets more and more difficult to master them all. I simply do not remember all the possibilities offered by each of them. I always feel like I am missing lots of useful features. Suggested solution I believe it would be nice if Alfred could auto-build up a help feature for those workflows that I have customized and installed. How ? I'm thinking about typing a keyword like "workflows" in order to get a list of all the workflows that I have installed. When selecting one (eg. workflows > Advanced Google Maps Search ), I would have a condensed help section with all commands available (eg. keyword one=> description of the feature, keyword two=> description of the feature, keyword three => description of the feature etc...) Ideally, it would be smart enough to understand when I changed a default keyword to a custom one Implications I am not a developer but this probably implies that workflow authors agree on a specific document that Alfred would automatically retrieve whenever the user types the initial keyword (workflows) Now maybe there is a workflow to master all other workflows like that. I don't know. If I missed something, let me know
  17. I suggest alfred support workflow auto download and auto update details as follows, * a config file, whose each item corresponding a workflow * each item contains: download addr(github addr)、current version get addr(github addr)、etc. * auto download, add a new item to the config file, then alfred auto download new workflow and install * auto update, alfred workflow check for update everyday and auto update background by this way, user could use workflow more conveniently.
  18. Hi Guys I would like to take screenshots with an interval automatically. I found this link here How to Set Timer to Take Screenshot of Mac Using Terminal that works perfectly. I want to create a workflow to carry out it as well as set the time interval; Some nice guy could help me?
  19. I'm running a simple Alfred 3 workflow as I always have but the osascript portion of it is failing all the sudden. I've restarted my machine and of course Alfred 3. This is the error I get: [ERROR: action.script] osascript: no such component "JavaScript". I'm on OSX 10.12.5 Please advise, John
  20. Hi there... I'm following this tutorial for the Evernote Workflow but it's not working after installing it... can anyone else? https://www.alfredapp.com/blog/productivity/evernote-with-alfred-workflows/ Here's a video of what it's (not) doing: https://www.dropbox.com/s/acohktc73eoifj5/evernote workflow alfred.mov?dl=0 i go to type in any commend like "ENS" to search or "ENN" to make a new note... and the second I type anything after "EN" it disappears.
  21. I am not sure what settings were changed after installing Recent Documents workflow in alfred (which is now deleted), but I cannot open an app or file using return, it displays the recent documents. I instead have to press function and return (enter) to open the app or files. How do I fix this?
  22. This workflow allow you to search and show CircleCI build status. 1. Register your CiecleCI token. 2. Search branch, username, build status or repository. Download: https://github.com/lorentzca/alfred-circleci-workflow/releases/latest
  23. This workflow allow you to search Mackerel hosts and show host's status. 1. `mackerel apikey <apikey>` register your Mackerel api key 2. `mackerel <hostname>` search hosts Download: https://github.com/lorentzca/alfred-mackerel-hosts-status-workflow/releases/latest Source code: https://github.com/lorentzca/alfred-mackerel-hosts-status-workflow
  24. Hi! I am using the clipboard manager Unclutter. When writing a workflow for pasting generated passwords, they keep showing up in the clipboard list, despite me checking the box "Mark item as transient in clipboard", when using the Copy to Clipboard Output. macOS 10.13.1 Alfred v.3.5.1[883]
  25. Hi guys, new to the forum so let me know if this is in the right spot or not. I've searched all around Packal and installed several different workflows to try and make texting and calling easier from my mac without luck. Do any of you have any suggestions? Thanks a million.