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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, this will be my first shared Alfred 2 WF ..please be advised, that I am no scripting expert What I did is to create a WF to make use of my yourls set up (http://yourls.org - custom php script to shorten urls) The WF will grab the frontmost URL in Safari (you might want to change the browser in the script), curl it, and copy the URL to the clipboard as well as posting a notification. Important: Be sure to make the necessary changes in the script. What you need to enter is your URL where yourls is located and your API token. I chose to make Safari the browser of choice, you might want to change that within the script, too. You obviously will need a running installation of YOURLS Here's the download: http://d.pr/f/M7Xo Have fun!
  2. Hey everybody, it's your old pal Daniel. I just wanted to share a workflow that I threw together this morning. I've gotten a number of requests for an alp tutorial that walks one through the process of making a workflow with Alfred 2 and alp one step at a time, and I needed a sample to look at as I was working. And lo, "Yourls Stats" was born. It's not especially complex, but it makes use of many of alp's more advanced features—some of which got slightly rewritten as I worked—to do something marginally useful. I thought I'd get it out there in advance of writing the tutorial to see if it had any lingering bugs. Enter "ystat" (or a keyword of your choice) to trigger the workflow. The first time you invoke it, it'll need to be configured; go to your Yourls admin site's "Tools" page and copy your secret signature token, then enter "ystat url=mysite.ly signature=0123456789" into Alfred. You'll note that the workflow guesses the location of the API PHP as you type, and that the feedback item won't be valid till both values are entered. Once they are, hit Return. Your signature token will be stored securely in the Keychain, your URL in cleartext in the workflow's settings JSON. Alfred will pop back up with your custom keyword already entered and begin downloading your Yourls data. Enter a query to search fuzzily through the links' titles and short keywords, and press Return to copy a link to the clipboard. You can download the workflow here, and, as always, do let me know if it breaks.
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