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Found 21 results

  1. Download media from a plethora of sources, even when embedded in other pages. The main commands are dv to download video and da to download audio (often extracted from a video source). Both will present you with two download options, if available: the URL of your frontmost browser tab, and the URL in your clipboard. Run any option with the ⌘ modifier, and the full playlist will be downloaded. Use ⌥ and it will toggle adding to WatchList (a separate Workflow). Notifications will appear on download start and end. To see auto-refreshing download progress, run dp. Actioning it with ⌘ will restart the current download (readding to the end of the queue), while actioning with ⌃ will abort. :downmediaservices installs (or later removes) DownMedia actions to macOS Services. This allows you to right click a URL and download from the context menu. The Workflow Environment Variables represent the directory to download to, the audio format to save when using da, and the default behaviour of adding a download to WatchList (true or false). You will have to install yt-dlp yourself because it has dependencies which are impractical to fulfil on a clean macOS installation. The simplest way is to install Homebrew and brew install yt-dlp. Download | Source If you have an issue, follow the guide for an effective bug report. Works well with WatchList
  2. Hi all, First post, longtime amateur Alfred user. I want to create two specific related workflows with a rudimentary knowledge of code. Can anyone point me in the right direction? ~~~~~ Here is workflow #1: Search YouTube for {query} -> copy first URL in YouTube search results (or select from Alfred list of results) -> paste into iSkysoft and begin download of MP3 via iSkysoft Here is workflow #2: Take selected or searched MP3 on HD and transpose it up or down the desired amount of semitones in Audacity via {query} ~~~~~ Do these make sense? Are they even possible? Thank you! Josh
  3. Output info from videos from a plethora of video sources, even when embedded in other pages. Copy a link to your clipboard, run vidur and pick your verbosity level. It’ll output the video’s link with its duration and optionally its title and description. The Universal Action and Hotkey can act on a selected link. The default_verbosity Workflow Environment Variable applies to everything but the List Filter. It must be succint, medium, or verbose. Download | Source
  4. ▶ Luxinatev7.01 ~ DEPRECATED ~ This workflow is currently not supported... Luxinate is an Alfred.v2 workflow designed to automate the use of "youtube-dl" and "ffmpeg" to download streamed media from a large set of supported sites. — QUICK OVERVIEW — Luxinate has several available options. The default "Luxinate" option will allow you to download video, audio, or even both! The "Advanced Luxinate" action modifier will allow you to select a specific download quality or format. Several built in settings allows you to configure Luxinate to your personal preference. All of your downloads will be saved for your future reference. ▶ Download v7.01 ~ Enjoy ♥ Ritashugisha — View on Github — Previous Versions
  5. Hi guys, Just now getting into coding and got a wild hair and bought Alfred! It's been incredible! I like to take the youtube transcript from videos and follow along for easier note taking. I know very little about coding and just made my first workflow to open a pdf search the query (it took all day). In other words, I could really use some help. Here are the steps I use to turn the transcript into a word document: On chrome, open and copy transcript from youtube Paste into excel and apply formula "=MOD(ROW(),2)" in the adjacent column and extend all the way down Create table with 2 columns and filter the number column to hide the blank spaces Next I open word and paste the column of the table containing text Finally In word Find > Replace > Paragraph mark to Space bar to delete extra space This is extremely complicated using the mouse, i could not imagine the code needed to do this. I'm not lazy I swear but this is WAY above my head
  6. This is a workflow for easily downloading videos (and/or extracting audio) from various websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and more... It uses youtube-dl as the core component. Main Features: Download video from URL. vd {video-url} Download and extract audio into an MP3 file. vd-audio {video-url} Display and download video metadata (json). vd-info {video-url} Update core component (youtube-dl). vd-update Display quick help in Large Type. vd-help Note: vd-update command currently only updates youtube-dl, not the workflow itself. Please see full details, updates (and source) of the project at GitHub. Download Video Downloader workflow. Here is a full visual list of what Video Downloader can do: And here is how the workflow nodes look like: Requirements: For the audio extraction (vd-audio) feature to work, you should install FFmpeg yourself manually (because of licensing issues). If you don't have it already; you can find details on how to install FFmpeg at the GitHub page. --- (While writing this, I found out about Vítor's workflow; which is also nice and uses youtube-dl. Well, I'm releasing this anyway for it's extra features like audio conversion, metadata info, etc..) Pls. drop a note if you like it... Thanks.
  7. OmniTube(v4.3) Alfred ⇄ YouTube account automation Description SCRIPT FILTERS The script filters in OmniTube include: YouFeed lists all of your subscription's recent uploads. YouProfile shows basic information about your account and gives you access to your playlists. YouPopular lists the most popular videos of today. YouHistory shows your recent video views. YouVideo, YouChannel, an YouPlaylist allows you to search all of YouTube. By using the keyword you in Alfred the following results appear. When you use YouFeed OmniTube will quickly download the required user thumbnails and display your subscription's most recent uploads. The YouProfile command will give you a general overview of your YouTube account as well as allow you to view and edit any of your playlists. YouPopular will list out the most interesting videos posted that day. By using the YouHistory option, you can either view your recent video views or clear your history completely. ACTION MODIFIERS There are many default action modifiers within OmniTube. CTRL will usually allow you to add or remove a video to or from your Watch Later playlist. ALT will usually allow you to add or remove a video to or from your Favorites playlist. CMD will give you downloading options according to the highlighted selection. FN will copy the URL of the highlighted selection. SHIFT will allow you to save the video to a specific playlist on your account. OmniTube v4.3 [Download] – Introduction –
  8. Install $ npm install --global alfred-youtube-bookmarks or as youtube-bookmarks.alfredworkflow and then in the directory of Workflow run npm install to install node modules. Requires Node.js 7.6+ and the Alfred Powerpack. Usage In Alfred, type yt, Enter, and your query. It will be work with Safari & Chrome only. Bookmarks To create bookmark needs to have opened Safari's/Chrome's window with youtube's video player active tab. Adding multiple tags is implemented through comma. type some shortcut (⌥⌘B - for example) to create bookmark type some shortcut (⌥⌘S - for example) to show and go through the bookmark in the current playing video. fn+↵ to delete one or several bookmarks (in specific filters will be deleted all bookmarks in the current filter) hit ⇧ To open preview window by any bookmark. Setting for Chrome View => Developer => check "Allow Javascript for Apple Evenst"
  9. I am using Youtube Download workflow ... it says Download is finished, but I don't know where it is downloaded? Any help, please.
  10. play music from youtube in vlc player https://github.com/tushariscoolster/alfred-youtube-vlc-workflow
  11. Hey all! I've created a new Workflow controlling Youtube Videos on Google Chrome! I use this mainly for listening to music, but it will work for anything! You can find the details here: http://www.packal.org/workflow/youtube-control I have not tested it with any other version other than Mavericks, so some help with testing would be appreciated! Again its only tested witht he latest Google Chrome. Additionally, this works best with HTML5 video which you can change here https://www.youtube.com/html5 It may break if Youtube updates their layout! Thanks, Phil
  12. Hi everyone, Just starting to play with Alfred Workflows a little bit and I find it amazing! I created a very simple workflow to launch a youtube search, so that instead of : finding Chrome Cmd + T Entering youtube.com Waiting for page to load Click in the search input field Type in your search Enter Wait for the page to load It becomes : Ctrl + Space Type in yt your search Enter Wait for the page to load I timed it and it now takes me 5seconds from the moment I want to search for something to the moment I have the search results displayed, compared to 30sec before.. depending of how many times a day you research something on youtube, it adds up to a few minutes gained every day Hope you guys enjoy it. You can download the workflow here : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6iNJEvkpFeedlg5UVV0OGZGV1k Note : I know this is a very (very) simple workflow, but I searched the forum and couldn't find anything, so may be it can help someone out some day. Mehdi
  13. How do I make a custom search for Youtube and sort by date added? I see the URL structure would be: https://www.youtube.com/results?q={query}&sp=CAI%3D, but when you add more than word the URL becomes https://www.youtube.com/results?q=lizard+food&sp=CAI%3D, which will search for “lizard food” and sort by date added. Now the problem I see is I need Alfred to be smart enough to add a + to the URL if the query has more than one word. Any ideas?
  14. Hi, Just wanted to share the workflow I just created with other Alfred 2.0 beta testers. I hope that this is the right place to do so. The workflow allows the user to search YouTube and have the results returned to Alfred and then choose a video to watch. Just type youtube followed by the query. For example, the below will search for Rebecca Black videos. You can downloaded the latest version here and the source code is available at GitHub.
  15. Hey all, I am just wondering if it is possible to create a hotkey to pause youtube. I am also wondering if it is possible to have a hotkey to find the open youtube tab on your mac that is playing a video. Anyone know of a workflow or if it's even possible?
  16. Searches YouTube and displays the results inline. Selecting any of the results will play the YouTube video in VLC. Direct download: http://bit.ly/1pg4w9A Usage: type "yt" followed by your search query. Example: "yt black ops" Inspired by: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/3715-twitchstreamer-15-search-twitchtv-streams-and-watch-in-vlc/ Based off: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/160-youtube-to-vlc/ http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/45-youtube-workflow/ Edit: VLC 2.1.4+ Required
  17. Hello, I'm triyng to embed a Youtube video to a text from a desktop link from clipboard with a PHP script, but it doesn't work! Does anyone know why is not working properly? Workflow-> bit.ly/1dQRUkV
  18. There are many different YouTube URL formats and they often include information about playlists, referrers, etc. A few examples: http://www.youtube.com/embed/T6DJcgm3wNY?rel=0 http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=T6DJcgm3wNY&feature=player_embedded&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DT6DJcgm3wNY%26feature%3Dplayer_embedded However, when I want to share a YouTube URL with someone I only want the basic URL that points directly to the video. In this case: Here's a workflow that takes any* YouTube URL and copies the basic URL to the clipboard. Download: basic-youtube-url.alfredworkflow * It might not cover every possible URL format, but so far I haven’t come across one that doesn’t work.
  19. Ddyracer

    YouTube HD

    A theme for us Youtube fanatics. Link
  20. A simple PHP script based workflow to transform a youtube link to a fullscreen link. usage: * ytfs {query} * output is pasted to the clipboard and the frontmost app download (2013-03-29)
  21. I combined two of the workflows that come with Alfred v2 to make this one. You still use the "movie" keyword like before but you now get a list of suggestions as you type the title. Download it here.
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