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Found 11 results

  1. Download get Install App workflow from Packal get Install App workflow direct download Introduction The Install App workflow speeds installation process (or rather copy) of applications downloaded outside of Mac App Store. The workflow is completely written using Bash Script. How it works? There are two ways to invoke that workflow: through keyword — install — which shows all eligible files/packages (.app package, .zip archive, .dmg image and .pkg installer) found in specified folder (default is ~/Downloads) and copy, run, mount or extract them dependably of what kind of file/package we choose; you can also use install name so Alfred will narrow results; through File Action Install App which behave in similar way as above. The Install App workflow behaves as follow: if you choose .app package it will be copied to /Applications folder; if you choose .pkg file it will be opened; if you choose .dmg file it will be mounted and searched for .app or .pkg to copy or run them; at the end the image will be unmounted; if you choose .zip file it will be unzipped into folder which will be searched for .app, .pkg or .dmg to copy, run or mount them; at the end the temp folder will be deleted; at the end of whole process you will be asked if you want to remove the source file. Tips to change folder to search for mentioned files you need to edit Script Filter element of workflow → uncomment SEARCHDIR variable and edit its value Release info 1.11: improve mounting dmg files – now works with images with EULA 1.10: displays app icon if user has that app already (eligible for app updates files) 1.9: bug fixes dramatically reduces workflow size (from ~700 KB to 150 KB) workflow now searches in subdirectories of main directory if workflow finds .app package it will display that app's real icon (not a placeholder) 1.8: bug fixes following last update the workflow will open installed application if it was opened 1.7: workflow checks now if app is already running and if so it asks to quit it 1.6: fixed file matching fixed post-install notifications 1.5: unmount .dmg image after copying/installing app, remove temporary .zip folder after copying/installing app, ability to remove source files after copying/installing app (the dialog window will appear). 1.3 initial public release. Thanks I would like to thank Franz Greiling who inspired me to make this workflow with his own version.
  2. As a new Alfred user I've installed the workflow ZipInfo, which lead to a security warning by macOS. So, I've created my own one to be able to take a look into a ZIP archive without installing any other app. In contrast to the other workflow, I simply use the system's zipinfo terminal command. alfred-zipinfo GitHub: https://github.com/IOIO72/alfred-zipinfo Packal: https://www.packal.org/workflow/alfred-zipinfo No special requirements.
  3. Zip: compress files and folders within Alfred Overview Zip files and/or folders Finder and Alfred File Action supported Unique filename Remove .DS_Store files Triggering keyword zip - after selecting files and/or folders in Finder, bring Alfred and type zip. You can optionally type the zip filename. You can optionally hold control key to select the zip file folder destination. hotkey - after selecting files and/or folders in Finder hit the hotkey. A new zip file will be created based on selection. Alfred File Action - select files and/or folders in Alfred file browser to zip (see screenshot below). What’s new in version 4.0 Alfred 3.0 supportWhat’s new in version 3.0 Select the destination folder by holding control key (keyword zip) Updated to Alfred 2.0.3 (187) Alleyoop 2 support Download Version 4.0 Release date: 08 Jun 2016 Requires Alfred 3 Download Now Zip for Alfred 2 Version 3.0 Release date: 23 Apr 2013 Requires Alfred 2.0.3 (187) Download Now
  4. Hello I recently reinstalled my OS X and all my apps including Alfred. My current build 2.4 (279) w/powerpack no remote but Alfred let me know I was missing an update. I received this message when I attempted to install it : I never received this message before so I wanted to check with the forum.
  5. I've had this workflow since Alred 1 days... but I thought I had posted it a while back, but couldn't locate it. The workflow creates a zip archive of the top most finder selected files with a keyboard trigger (of your own setting) or using the keyword zip Download it: https://github.com/ginfuru/alfred-zip-workflow
  6. Hello there This is my first Workflow published here, I hope, that some of you will find it useful. App Install Installs Apps from your Downloads folder This Workflow is inspired by the Alfred v1 Extension from Christian Schlensker, written in Python, and set it up as an Alfred v2 Workflow. As far as I know, nobody else has ported this script over, so here we go: It searches your Downloads-Folder for any *.app, *.pkg, *.alfredworkflow, *.dmg- and *.zip-Files shows you a list sorted by most-recently-added you can search in that list by entering a string after the keyword installs the apps /Applications or opens the *.pkg To use it, simply type install and hit Enter. If you use ⌘-↩ it will delete the download after installing. You can search in the results: You can also select any appropriate file within Alfred and use the install-File-Action: Supported Filetypes: Currently, this Workflow will find all zips, dmgs, apps, alfredworkflows and pkgs in your download-folder and install all apps and pkgs inside zips and dmgs. It does not try to find out, if a pkg is an uninstaller or not! Getting the Workflow You can find this Workflow on Github or download the Workflow directly. Settings You can customize the list of searched paths (for example, so that the workflow searches both your Download-Folder and your Desktop-Folder) and you can customize the install-location for normal Applications. Please tell me how you like it, what you would want to change, etc! I am still looking for a new Icon (please contact me if you have one! (: ). Remember that I personally consider this Workflow as being Beta-Software so please help me to find and fix every bug you might encounter. For more Information about Features and Settings, please read the Documentation at Github. Changelog v1.0: [17. March]:Complete rewrite; created individual installation-framework; new Icon Bugfix: Prevent faulty symlinks when installing from zips by not using python anymore Feature: Substring Filtering for Searchresults v0.4: [29. May]:​Ability to install Alfred Workflows Ability to run pkgs Some bugfixes v0.3: [28. May]Fix Symlinkproblem in Zipfiles Add ability to delete Download after install (by pressing ⌘-↩) v0.2:Add ability to install from `*.zip`-Files Show all possible matches instead of only one (This is still sorted by most-recent) v0.1: Initial Release​ Thanks very much for you attention fellas, I hope you'll enjoy this little script. Greetings, Franz
  7. Hello Everyone, I'm hoping to find some direction here, so let me be clear. This is not a "please, oh please, do this for me" post. I genuinely want to learn. To the point: I've created a workflow for Entropy using applescript, and I have two ideas I wish to implement. Being that I'm very new to all of this (scripting in general), I don't have the slightest clue where I should be focusing my attention (e.g. do I need php, perl, etc?), or can I get to where I want without such methods. Here's what I want to add: 1. Currently I'm calling the script (run script; /usr/bin/osascript) with a keyword (zip), and using the query to designate the name of the archive, if no query is entered the script uses a default name. When I want to add a password to the archive I've set up another run script which uses the same keyword, but uses the modifier key cmd. This runs an almost identical script, but using applescripts display dialog to set the password. I wish to forgo the display dialog in applescript, and split the alfred query so that when I want to add a name and a password I would enter something like "zip name:password." How can I do this? 2. It seems that scripts called with a keyword work as expected, but if want to use a file action then I have to first open the selection in finder before I use the applescript. Why is this, and how can I get around this? Applescript: tell application "Finder" to set theSel to selection as alias list set theQ to "{query}" -- Alfred Query (Archive Name) if (count of theSel) is 1 then if theQ is "" then if (theSel as string) ends with ":" then set folderName to the POSIX path of theSel set thePath to text 1 thru ((offset of ":" in folderName) - 2) of folderName & ".zip" tell application "System Events" if (exists file (thePath)) then display dialog ("Archive Exists") return end if end tell else set shortName to the POSIX path of theSel set thePath to text 1 thru ((offset of "." in shortName) - 1) of shortName & ".zip" tell application "System Events" if (exists file (thePath)) then display dialog ("Archive Exists") return end if end tell end if else set thePath to ((path to desktop from user domain) as string) & theQ & ".zip" tell application "System Events" if (exists file (thePath)) then display dialog ("Archive Exists") return end if end tell end if else repeat with i from 1 to count of theSel set item i of theSel to POSIX path of item i of theSel end repeat set archiveName to getEmptyPath(path to desktop as text, "archive", "zip") if theQ is "" then set thePath to ((path to desktop from user domain) as string) & archiveName & ".zip" else set thePath to ((path to desktop from user domain) as string) & theQ & ".zip" end if end if -- Set Password for Archive --set thePassword to the text returned of (display dialog "Enter Password" default answer "") tell application "Entropy" archive thePath files theSel --settings {password:thePassword, encryption method:0} end tell --------------------------------------------------------------- -- See if a file with the passed name exists -- If so, add an integer to the name, and check again -- Keep checking until an unused name is found -- Parameters: path of file's container -- file name, no extension -- file extension -- Returns: updated file name --------------------------------------------------------------- on getEmptyPath(containerPath, fileName, fileExtension) set filePath to containerPath & fileName tell application "Finder" if exists file (filePath & "." & fileExtension) then set x to 1 -- Start Counting repeat set cFilePath to filePath & " " & x & "." & fileExtension if exists file cFilePath then -- Are we There? set x to x + 1 -- No, Increment Counter else exit repeat -- Yes, Leave end if end repeat return fileName & " " & x -- This Name is Safe to Use else return fileName -- Use Original Name end if end tell end getEmptyPath
  8. Hey alfred community I just got used to some of the new alfred workflows and I already think about some that I would love to use. Unfortunately, I'm not the best scripter nor do I have any experience creating some of these little tasks. I found an older workflow that enabled me to upload one file to the dropbox public folder and copied the (shortened) url to the clipboard. My wish would be that I could also choose a folder/file or maybe a bunch of files (which wouldn't be a must have feature since the folder thing should do the job), zip that folder or that file, move it to the public folder and copy the (shortened) link to the clipboard. Such a workflow would just be amazing to use and I think it would be the best way to handle this little dropbox problem. The file could either be chosen by the built in Alfred Finder or a global hotkey. Thank you guys for reading that post and even thinking about if you would give it a try or not Best regards from Germany, MrMuetze
  9. I wanted an easy way to compress files from Alfred, so I wrote a quick workflow to do it. It can compress a single file or folder to .ZIP, .TAR.GZ, .TAR.BZ2, and .DMG archive formats. Support for multiple files/folders may be added later, if I can figure it out Any and all feedback is welcome. Enjoy Download Here
  10. One of the biggest oversights I think OS X has is the lack of a hotkey to quickly archive (zip) files. With Alfred I'm able to create this using AppleScript and a hotkey trigger. I've created a workflow that uses both a Hotkey ( cmd + shift + \ ) and a Keyword ( zip ) to compress the selected files or folders into a zip. It's stupidly simple to modify. Download it - http://makitra.in/NcRZ http://i.makitra.in/NcRZ If you're looking for more options try this workflow out by Tyler Eich - File/Folder Archiver
  11. Hi, I created a file action which allows to add the selected items to a zip file named Archive.zip (in the highest common folder of these items). The workflow can be downloaded at GitHub. Have fun!
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