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Found 2 results

  1. With the "new normal", many of us are working from home and jumping from one virtual meeting to the next to the next: from Zoom to Google Meet to GoToMeeting, etc. To save the pain of scrambling to open your next meeting link, I have written a workflow just for that! It's called "Open Conference URL", and its usage is simple: type conf to see your upcoming calendar events. Hit Enter to launch Zoom/Meet/etc. immediately. And even if you are 15 minutes late, the workflow will know what to do. (Download Workflow) If there are no nearby calendar events, the workflow displays all events for today: Download Workflow For documentation on all the configurable preferences, see the project's GitHub page: https://github.com/caleb531/open-conference-url
  2. This Alfred Workflow is used to start or join a [Zoom](https://zoom.us/) meeting. Support free or paid account, you can join a meeting without logged in. Usage: 1. Paste a Zoom meeting URL in Alfred directly, press Enter, this will join an existing meeting. 2. Paste a Zoom meeting URL in Alfred, press Command + Enter, it will start a new meeting. And put the URL of this new meeting into your clipboard automatically. 3. A new keyword “zm” is used to start a new meeting. 4. Append an existing Zoom meeting ID after the keyword “zm”, it will join this meeting. For example: `zm 123-456-789`, `zm 123456789` 5. Whether or not there is a meeting ID after keyword zm,press Command + Enter will always start a new meeting. Source: https://github.com/chaifeng/alfred-zoomus/ Download: https://github.com/chaifeng/alfred-zoomus/releases
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