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Incorrect example in File Search > Advanced UI?


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I think I've found a typo in Alfred Preferences > Features > File Search > Advanced




I believe the proper escaped path should be 'Users/preppeller/Desktop/Andrew\'s Folder!/', i.e. the apostrophe isn't escaped and/or there's an erroneous double quote in text.

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@deanishe if you create a folder called Andrew's Folder! on your desktop and copy it from Alfred, you'll see it's copied literally as shown (which can then be used e.g. for a cd in bash).


What's happening is the entire path is wrapped in single quotes, then the single quote before the backslash is the end of the string literal, then it's adding a single quote with \', then it's adding the end of the path as a string literal in single quotes.


There are alternative ways this could be escaped, i.e.


'/Users/preppeller/Desktop/Andrew'\''s Folder!'

/Users/preppeller/Desktop/Andrew\'s\ Folder\!/


... but many years ago, when this was first done, there was a reason I went with wrapping the entire path in single quotes. I think it may have been to do with UTF8 characters, but don't quote me on that.





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