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Recent files in a folder

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Updated to v 1.1:


Shows recent files (sorted new to old) in a folder and opens the file, get file actions ,reveal in Finder or share via Dropox (requires WF http://www.packal.org/workflow/drop)

custom folders can be set in List Filter relative to home directory e.g. Desktop or Desktop:somefolder

Following actions are available: 

  • Enter → Opens file
  • ALT → Enters into File Actions
  • CTRL → Share via Dropbox (required Drop WF)
  • CMD → Reveal in Finder



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Thank you, this is handy! Would it be possible to support custom date strings as shown in the results (“Added: date”)? Personally I would prefer the form YYYY-MM-DD. I realize that this can be done in the Python code, but it would be convenient if date formatting could be changed by e.g. a workflow variable or another easy way that does not require the users to tinker with the Python code. 

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14 hours ago, Acidham said:

Done....date string can now be formatted in WF settings


Wow, that was a really fast update! It works perfect and is very convenient to change the format in the WF settings, thank you very much! 

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I noticed that the results when invoking this workflow does not behave as ordinary Alfred results, e.g. result items (files) cannot be dragged to be copied to a folder and I cannot access File Actions as usual by pressing right arrow. This limits the usefulness somewhat. Is it possible to get the result items behave as standard? I'm on macOS 10.14.2 and Alfred 3.7.1. 

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