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How to run a script after launching an app?

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I have an existing AppleScript that when executed, hides all applications and dumps me at my pristine desktop.  Sometimes you just need a "reset" and this does the trick.


I also have many workflows that are essentially just shortcuts for launching/hiding my various oft-used applications.  Some do so via scripting because they do a few other things at the same time, others are just simple keyboard shortcuts attached to an application.


I would now like to combine the two for one particular application.  When using it, I'd like to hide EVERYTHING else going on with my machine.  So first use my existing script to hide everything, then launch the app in question (Called "Live").  Seems so simple, but I was shocked to se that it appears that scripts and applications are the end of the line.  There is no connection node on them to continue their processing after they run, so I can't chain them together.


What's the trick to something like this?  Am I stuck just apple scripting the whole thing?



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You're doing something wrong. You can chain Run NSAppleScript actions together:




You should probably export and upload your workflow if you have more questions. Can't really say too much without actually seeing the workflow we're talking about.

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