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How to do calculations in a workflow

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How do I preform simple calculations in a workflow, I need to have the workflow take my input and do this {querr}*(1/60)=


very simple, just not sure how to make a workflow do that.


Thank you

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Yea im just trying to find a way to use the built in calculator quicker, its a simple calculation I have to do often for time entires. I will look at the literature you provided, thank you

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Hmm that didnt seem to do the trick and the other stuff is way over my head. Im looking for something to do this exactly


I input {query} it takes that and preforms 2 calculations and outputs both results


{query}*(1/60)=Decimal then Decimal*25= $Result


then I need to paste Decimal and $Result


I did find a workflow that was made a few years ago with a workflow that did the first part of this calculation but that link is now dead, anyone have any ideas, im surprised there isnt a simple function in workflows to do calculations, I dont know much about this stuff though

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Try this in a Run Script box with language as python and input as {query}.  You can pipe it out to a Copy to Clipboard action.


x = float(query)/60

y = x*25

print x,y
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that is awesome, thank you so much! Is there any way to restrict it to only 2 points after the decimal, thank you so much for the help!

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