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Ignore clipboard items from pass?

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@therockmandolinist Taking a quick look at Pass, if the app itself can't be added, you may need to add Terminal to Alfred's ignore list if you'd like the app to be ignored altogether.


The best way for this to be handled, however, is that if Pass copies items directly to the clipboard, these should be marked as transient by Pass, so that Alfred and any other clipboard managers know to ignore them.



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@Vero adding the terminal application (iTerm in this case) doesn't quite work, since pass uses pbcopy internally (though I'm afraid i don't have a great understanding beyond that, here's the source code).


Is there a more specific definition to "marked as transient"? I think it just waits 45 seconds and then deletes from the clipboard, which evidently doesn't delete it from the Alfred clipboard.


@deanishe i'm not sure I understand what you mean by this.

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