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Swift Windows Switcher [Safari/Chrome tabs support]

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Hey @mandrigin, thanks a lot for the workflow!


Is it possible to somehow switch apps on differrent desktops?


I usually use about 6-8 desktops at the same time for an each app (not all of them at fullscreen mode though) and I move between them with keyboard shortcuts and it would be perfect if I'd be able to just hit w and move to app on another desktop.


Is it possible to implement?


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Hey! Thanks for the feedback!

I'm pretty sure it is not very trivial to do that taking into account internals of this workflow.
It is a useful feature though, I might try to give it another shot.

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I think the last time the problem wasn't with Swift, it was in AppleScript that actually switches the windows/tabs (that decision is to avoid adding one more app to the accessibility dialog). I hope I'm getting better at it, but I will appreciate any help!

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@mandrigin Thanks for sharing this workflow. It's awesome! I can't believe this is a "little weekend project." This thing is awesome!


Out of curiosity, do see yourself adding multiple-spaces/desktops to it any time soon? I've tried a few window switching apps that are dedicated to this function, and I actually like your workflow's interaction better in many ways. My only problem is that I like to work on several desktops/spaces at a time.


@oldhgf By chance, did you have any luck tinkering with the desktops/spaces issue?


Thanks again for sharing!

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@Jasondm007 oh, thank you sir!

It's a bit tricky, I tried addressing it a few times, but the implementation always was hella unstable, so I gave up trying (for now).

I hope, when I have some free time I will get to it, it's the biggest limitation so far.

The messages like yours are very encouraging, thank you for that! :)

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