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Search through web mind maps I have made workflow

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Huge thank you to Vitor without whom this workflow wouldn't exist : 

You can download it from here. Or you can view the GitHub page of it with more descriptions of it.


Essentially this is an Alfred wrapper over a note taking project I am making and maintaining. It allows you to instantly visit any mind map that I have made. I have been working on this project for the past month and will be updating and maintaining it with more and more quality content as time passes.


To get a better sense of what kind of mind maps do exist out there, try out searching for 'alfred' or 'workflows' or 'vim'


For more, take a look at the project itself and go through the interactive mind map to get more context of how everything connects.


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There are few things that do need improving. For example currently Vitor's script parses the markdown file, line by line and thus you can get results like this : 




Without any context. It would be amazing if it could group lines by headings and separate each new line according to the heading. So if these lines appear in the markdown like so : 




It would group them according to the 'depth' of the node and parents. So you would get a list like this : 




And thus can fuzzy search through all results and have a context of what 'mine' or any other title will mean : 




This would be perfect and will complete this workflow and its utility. I am not really sure how I can extend the current script to achieve this task sadly.



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