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Clicking action in Alfred menu is sometimes ignored


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has anyone encountered this?


When I open action menu (e.g. file action menu or script filter of some workflow) and I click some action which is highlighted it sometimes does nothing. I count it is ignored like 1/3 of the cases. Sometimes I click even twice in concession and it is ignored.


It is probably somehow related to the new MacBook pro which I have bought recently. Before I worked with Alfred happily every day for like two years and this issue is not familiar to me. I have the new MacBook pro for 10 days and from the beginning the issue is present. I have tried carefully that I by mistake don't right click. I have tried external mouse also, doesn't help. I have tried clicking deliberately in other applications on the Mac whether it is just Mac related but it works just fine with other applications.


As you can imagine it is annoying as I am used to the fluent efficiency which Alfred usually provides and now it doesn't.


Let me know if I may provide you with some other details, logs, or whatever. Any thoughts on the matter are greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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Hmmm....I haven't seen this at all with a new MPB 13" which I've been using since late November (both with and without Better Touch Tool which is monitoring clicks etc....).  Do you have anything else running that is intercepting or monitoring mouse clicks?

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Hi, thanks for your answer.


It is kind of sci-fi, I have reinstalled OS X, just for fun :-( , no change. I will investigate yet. It irritates me. I don't know about anything of such nature (monitoring clicks). Better Touch Tool I have installed and I am trying now but only after your message and btw thanks for the tip :-).


If anybody has any idea, it would be great. Thanks!


I have here installed these apps:

Alfred 3.app                  Mission Control.app

App Store.app                 Notes.app

Automator.app                 Photo Booth.app

BetterTouchTool.app           Photos.app

Calculator.app                Postgres.app

Calendar.app                  Preview.app

Chess.app                     QuickTime Player.app

Contacts.app                  Reminders.app

DVD Player.app                Remote Desktop Connection.app

Dashboard.app                 Safari.app

Dictionary.app                Siri.app

FaceTime.app                  Slack.app

Font Book.app                 Spotify.app

Google Chrome.app             Stickies.app

HipChat.app                   Sublime Text 2.app

Image Capture.app             SyncAnybarPorts.app

IntelliJ IDEA.app             System Preferences.app

Launchpad.app                 TextEdit.app

Mail.app                      Time Machine.app

Maps.app                      Utilities

Messages.app                  VirtualBox.app

Microsoft Messenger.app       iBooks.app

Microsoft Office 2011         iTunes.app

Microsoft Remote Desktop.app

Activity Monitor.app        Grab.app

AirPort Utility.app         Grapher.app

Audio MIDI Setup.app        Keychain Access.app

Bluetooth File Exchange.app Migration Assistant.app

Boot Camp Assistant.app     Script Editor.app

ColorSync Utility.app       System Information.app

Console.app                 Terminal.app

Digital Color Meter.app     VoiceOver Utility.app

Disk Utility.app


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