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Apple keyboard shortcut "command p" not working


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I have ruled out a workflow, (I believe). I have searched but cannot find anything that is causing this issue.


I find that when I use command p on a doc - this shows "2fQVv8FCgwPAdT"

As In command p = 2fQVv8FCgwPAdT


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@jakkkkkk It seems likely that you've installed a workflow in Alfred 3, such as Paste as Plain Text, and used Cmd + P to paste.


Go to Alfred's Workflows tab and click the cog in the top left. Choose "Show hotkeys" under Display Options so that all hotkeys used by your workflows are shown in the sidebar. You should be able to identify the correct workflow and either remove or change the hotkey.


I can see you posted the same question on Facebook, so I'll hide it there to keep the discussion here in one place. 


Let us know how you get on. :)



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This is indeed embarrassing!! I had in fact used that combination in a workflow.?  

I apologize to the forum for entering such a foolish entry in “bug reports”. I thought I had checked the workflows but completely missed it.
Sometimes I can’t see trees while standing in the forest.
Thank you Vero & Vitor 
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