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Paste Image into App?

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I installed the Snippets workflow hoping that an image stored in an Evernote note could be pasted into an app. Unfortunately, it only does text.


Is there an existing workflow that can take an image, from my computer or Evernote (preferred), and paste it into the front app, or at least get it to the clipboard?


I've searched through the forum to see if something already existed, but nothing jumped out at me.


I'd like this to behave like a snippet, which is why I had hopes for Snippets, since Evernote notes can store text as well as images.


As an example, if I had an image (png?) of my signature stored in Evernote, in a note titled "sig", I could issue the command "s sig" and the image would be pasted into the front app, or least onto the clipboard.



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