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Open office hours for talking Alfred

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1 hour ago, trillionanswers said:

I run a discord server for vim users (Ran a virtual conference in 2020), so if you want help with setup etc. I am happy to assist!


Thank you. I’ll see how I get on and may take you up on that offer if I need it.

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On 1/10/2021 at 6:42 PM, trillionanswers said:

You can open a discord with ONLY audio channels, no text channels


I'm not sure turning text of is such a great idea: I'd imagine people will want to post code and logs etc.


Or is there a different way to do that without enabling text chat?

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29 minutes ago, trillionanswers said:

Did this idea ever more forward?


No, not yet. You’ve asked that before! When I do it, I’ll make it know on this post (why wouldn’t I?!).


32 minutes ago, trillionanswers said:

Personally I find it much more fluid an easier for people to engage in such a way vs. a forum.


And as I said, that’s not what this is going to be. I’m not going to split the community, and I’m not going to advocate for random rambling chats where information is lost amongst the noise. If they happen, these are going to be focused sections to solve specific questions anyone in the community might have.

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Add me as a new participant who’d want to get your input, ideas and advice. A 30 or 60 min call with something than enables screen share would be ideal I think. I can be free most times this summer, and I’m in IST (GMT + 3) so as long as it’s not late on an evening in Portugal I can do most times. 

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