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KeyCodes — Translate keyboard keys to AppleScript key codes

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Thanks for making this, it's very useful. I have a feature request, could you make it possible to also do inverse search, e.g. "kc 53" would find Escape? This could be useful when reading AppleScript with key code statements, to figure out what they do quickly.

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39 minutes ago, cands said:

could you make it possible to also do inverse search, e.g. "kc 53" would find Escape?


That’s a reasonable request, but I won’t do it. It’d require either changing from the List Filter Input (which I don’t want to do, because I like how clear it is to non-coders) or making the numbers be in the title (which I don’t want to do because it looks ugly).

You can do that, though. Open the List Filter, and for each item copy or cut the subtitle and paste it in the title. It’ll start working as you want right away.

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3 hours ago, deanishe said:

Could you not add additional entries to the List Filter that are the other way around (i.e. "53" is the title and "⎋ / Escape" is the subtitle)?


Yes, but that falls on the “don’t want to do because it looks ugly”.

I’d rather do it without the List Filter. It’s a good use case for match. It’s still less clear to non-coders, but maybe that’s not as important in this case.

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Thanks for your input. I understand that I can copy the information in the subtitle to the title to make it work, but I feel it's a pity that this is needed since the necessary information is already provided to the List Filter, and I agree it would look ugly. It makes me think that it may be good if Alfred could allow for (optionally) searching the subtitles as well. I'm also curious, how could it be done using 'match' @vitor

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