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Email attachment still uses your system email client (not web)

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I was playing around with some of the advanced features of Alfred and noticed that if I type "Email andrew@example.com" and press enter, it loads up my Gmail, and I'm off to the races!

However, if I selected a file (in Alfred) and chose email, it opens my OS X email client "Mail" and attaches it there.

This bug might be a limitation of what you can do with web clients, but I figured I'd report it just the same.


I'm running the latest version (3.3.1) and running OSX 10.11.6


Hope that helps,



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It is, as you say, a limitation of webmail. 


There is a standard method, supported by almost every email program, for addressing an email. 


To be able to send attachments, however, requires a custom plugin for the particular email program you use. Which in turn requires the program to support that kind of thing in the first place.

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@deanishe, Thanks for getting back to me!

I'm sorry to hear that :( I hate OSX Mail and would love to avoid it at all costs.

Any idea what other mail clients Alfred supports?

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@anlek the default supported email clients are listed in Alfred's Features > Contacts > Email preferences.


The email client needs to have AppleScript support for attachment support (the non-attachment email command uses mailto so can support a wider range of default clients using the mailto handler).


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